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We are four months into the emblematic year 2012. Let’s look back to the build-up during 2011 and recall the following events and trends:

The Arab Spring revolutions spreading from Tunisia to Egypt, from Libya to Syria, and from Bahrain to Yemen;

The Spanish INDIGNADOS movement that spread to other countries in Europe and to the US.

Unprecedented riots and looting in London, Manchester and Birmingham and other places;

Luxury cars being burnt in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and other German cities;

The biggest protests ever in Israel, with nearly half a million people taking to the streets in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, demanding social justice;

Students and teachers in Chile claiming free higher education in masssive anti-government demonstrations were met with massive confrontations by riot police;

A major grass-root protest campaign in India against corruption;

During labour riots in China, police and fire vehicles were set on fire;

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement in New York and across the United States has been spreading over the Atlantic into Europe, Asia and Oceania, with cascading consequences.

Riots in Greece against the “austerity measures” imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the former Goldman Sachs executives turned “saviours” of the Euro.

The importance and impact of these events is not diminished by the fact that the so called Arab Spring to a certain extent was engineered by the US via a global network of NGOs with the pretended purpose of promoting democracy. These NGOs are generously funded by the US government, and key members have been trained in the US to create protests with the aim of toppling unwanted governments and replacing them with US vassals. They have also been very active in Russia and other former Soviet states, especially around elections.

Typical for the genuine global protests during 2011 is their Aquarian character: Like-minded individuals coming together around the world through social networks and mobile phones to protest against a corrupt financial and economic power system they see as favoring the ruling elite, and endangering the planetary eco-system. If the present political leaders ignore such protests and mass gatherings, they do so at their own peril.

But it´s increasingly clear that at least those in power in the US do not ignore the protests. And that´s not all. They have been planning for the containment of the protesters by force, as well as by propaganda, at least since the 1980s, if not much earlier. Which indicates that the “powers-that-be” have been anticipating the protests for decades, as a logically expected reaction to their own long term policies.

The “Patriot Act” and other “Homeland Security” legislation is the crowning glory and principal instrument of this long term plan. It has nothing to do with “global terrorism”, which is a creation, or invention, of those very same powers. Terrorism has never been a danger to America or the American public. All so called terrorist acts on US soil have been staged, false flag operations.

Homeland Security has been created for the sole purpose of preserving the present power structure, and advance the so called New World Order agenda towards a global military-financial dictatorship over a drastically reduced world population. Conspiracy? – You bet! But there is nothing theoretical about it. Do your own research, and you will find out for yourself!

Just recently, President Obama usurped the legislated “right” to detain indefinitely – with no access to lawyers or any other external contacts – anyone, American citizen or not, on a simple subjective suspicion of even just sympathizing with “terrorists”. But it goes even further than that. Now the kind of illegal torture that came to light in Iraq and Guantanamo has become legalized and, on the President´s order, such a detainee can even be unceremoniously killed with no proof, due process or sentence. Just as Obama bragged about doing with Osama Bin Laden, and to boot in a foreign, supposedly sovereign country without their knowledge or permission.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. You don´t want to know. You tell yourself that it doesn´t concern you, since you are not a terrorist and you have nothing to hide. But maybe we should remember the lessons of Nazi Germany. What purpose did this horrific experience have, if we have learnt nothing from it?

Do you think all the 30,000 Argentinians who disappeared without a trace during the Kissinger-installed military dictatorship in Argentina that ended only 29 years ago, were terrorists? It has later been proven that they were tortured, killed and thrown into the ocean or into mass graves as suspected “enemies of the state” because of their assumed political opinions. Even without any legislation to justify it.

But don´t let us get confused by formalities. A law that gives someone the right to detain another indefinitely on a simple suspicion that can be freely invented, and then torture and kill him/her without any proof or due process, can never be justified under any circumstances. It is automatically null and void, because it is in and of itself criminal. In the US such a law is also in glaring breach of the fundamentals of the Constitution and thus even formally null and void on that count alone. In spite of that, an overwhelming majority of the US Congress voted in favor of state terrorism in the US, thus violating their vows to defend the constitution. This should under any normal judiciary system make them traitors and automatically deprive them of their status as members of Congress.

What the bill pretends to legalize is the notorious practices of the most brutal military dictatorships in history, for instance snatching people from their homes at 3 in the morning without even an accusation, and have them disappear for ever in the ocean or a mass grave after God knows what kinds of torture.

Is this the “Change We Can Believe In” that Obama promised to implement as president?

And don´t let us forget that Obama was a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, where he taught a course in “due process and equal protection areas of constitutional law”. Is there really no Nobel Prize for hypocrisy?

Last week the mentioned long planned policy raised another of its many ugly heads through a new leaked document. It reveals a plan by the Pentagon to “re-educate” opponents of the government in special camps. As we should not forget, internment camps have been secretly built all over the US since 9/11 along with special trains for the secure transport of their inmates. To the extent that it has become publicly known, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) has explained that these camps were built to help and house people who become homeless during natural catastrophes, like hurricanes, earthquakes etc. However, this explanation convinces no one who has attentively followed the development of US policy-making during the last couple of decades.

According to a trustworthy source, the planned facilities allow for a very large percentage of American opponents of the government to be enclosed in special camps, where they are to be “re-educated”, i.e. brainwashed, by “Internment & Resettlement Specialists” into an accepting and cooperative mood. Those who refuse to be “re-educated” would be disposed of somehow, and the quoted source mentions the posssible “elimination” of some 25 million Americans.

Among other recent “dots” to connect, are the request by the Department of Homeland Security for 450 million rounds of special hollow point ammuniton. This kind of ammunition has been outlawed for international warfare by the UN and consequently must be targeting Americans within the US.

Well-known trends researcher Gerald Celente has forecast a collapse of the U.S. dollar and riots in America some time this year, leading to a civil war of sorts.

It´s considered particularly ominous that these major events, shocking as they are to the American people, are taking place during an election year.

In one of my very first blogposts, in June 2010, based on the position of the planet Pluto, I predicted “a very profound and dramatic transformation of the political structures, maybe national boundaries, certainly governmental structures and the organisation of our planet.”

In February 2011, with reference to the so called Arab Spring and the massive protest movements, I wrote, “…be prepared for a lot more of the same, even against the US federal government itself!”

I continued, “All this is an expression of the presently culminating contention between the entrenched forces of the old paradigm and the pioneers of emerging Aquarian Paradigm awareness. Who do you think will win? – As a futurist and astrologer I know the answer. What I do not know, is how long it will take before the old guard gives up the fight, or what the final cost to humanity and the planet will be. Therefore it´s not indifferent if the battle is won tomorrow or in ten years.

Therefore you should not await the outcome on the sidelines, but take resolute action to tip the scales in favor of life, peace, health, abundance, and justice. Think of the enormous environmental damage, the exploited uncured sick, the starving and dying in the poor developing countries, the war victims, the victims of unnecessary poisons in food, drugs and vaccines, the victims of nuclear arms and radiation. All these ills will eventually disappear with the victory of the Aquarian Paradigm, but they will continue as long as the present world rulers get their way. That can add up to the needless death and suffering of untold millions of innocent human beings, as well as the destruction of much of our planet´s patrimony and life sustenance capacity.

Wouldn´t you rather feel that you helped ultimately save the lives, wellbeing, and happiness of millions, than being guilty of a sin of omission, that left all those hapless people suffering and dying unnecessarily? Just because you couldn´t be bothered, or because you were afraid of what people might think. Strong words? – Uncomfortable? Sure. I know. But unless we break out of our comfort zones, we will not live up to our potential or ultimate life purpose.

I am not asking you to fight against the evil. Nor do I ask you to use any form of violence. What we need to do is create better independant alternatives ourselves. If you wonder what you can do, then go to the contact page of this website, and send me a message, asking for my Action Plan for Shifting Paradigm, and I will personally email it to you at no cost. It gives some clear recommendations for simple helpful actions.

This year promises to offer some more “interesting times”, as the Chinese put it. So let´s live them together, and support each other along the way!

And don´t forget to give me your feedback!

Till next week,

Dr. Jens

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