I am back, at last, with my first blogpost of 2013. Though not sweet, it will be short, so you can spend 43 minutes on a remarkable new video that with crystal clarity, like none before it, explains why we are suffering all these wars, and why we are suffering the present economic crisis. And, of course, why most if not all politicians are corrupt and betray their voters.

This information is not as such new, but it´s only a few years ago that the public was able to access parts of it, and only thanks to the Internet. Mainstream media outlets never revealed these facts before, because they are controlled by the powers behind the scenes, and for obvious reasons they did not want this information to get out.

As I keep pointing out, the incoming Aquarian Paradigm insists on transparency and does not allow any secrets. The result is that all old paradigm plots and ploys and covered-up crimes are fast being revealed through the new Aquarian information technology.

Do not fall for the temptation to despair in the face of the seemingly all-powerful enemy, Always remember the story of David and Goliath. And always remember the power of the mind, the power of ideas, and the power of numbers, of the weight of a multitude of motivated and passionate or irate individuals all pulling together in the same direction at the same time!

And, above all, realize that there is a BIG difference between before and after the Internet. Before we did not even know what was going on, and so we could do nothing. Now we have the advantage of knowledge, which is the first condition for action.

Before I give you the link to the video I am talking about, I will sketch a super-quick overview of the world scene at the beginning of 2013:

Unsurprisingly, the trapping up of the Pentagon´s pre-planned wars on behalf of the almighty international Banksters, is gaining momentum in the Middle East and Africa.

After years of plotting and build-up, Europe was hijacked last year by investment banker Goldman Sachs via a string of linked ex-executives and advisors, who have taken over the European Central Bank and the governments of Greece and Italy. However, a week ago the Italians voted their Goldman Sachs unelected “technocrat” prime minister Mario Monti out of office. Now it remains to be seen what trick GS will come up with to regain control in Italy and resume their “austerity” policy, designed to collapse the economy and empoverish the people as a prelude to a total financial takeover with dictatorial powers.

The obnoxious Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has never worked for Goldman Sachs – as far as I know – but has nonetheless proved to be an obedient servant of their schemes.

There is no acceptable excuse, in my view, for the European politicians having jumped right into the trap set by the international banking community, giving up their sovereignty, their financial independence, and much of their assets, to the banks. After several decades of economic piracy and privatization sprees in most of the so called developing countries all over the world by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European countries should have been forewarned and able to resist such dismantling of national resources and piling up of unnecessary debt to the international banking conglomerate.

There are only two possible explanations, as I see it: EITHER the politicians in charge were sleeping on their guard and blissfully ignorant of what the World Bank and the IMF have been doing ever since they were created, which by itself means they are eminently incompetent and unsuited for their posts, OR they are as corrupt as their counterparts in the already raped countries, and took bribes to sell out their people and their assets to the banks and to US industry. Have your pick.

Regardless of which of the two explanations you pick, the governments in question should be sacked forthwith, and possibly sued for treason.

Here is the link to the video that explains it all:!

Do not skip this video! You really need to see it right to the end.

Stay safe and keep cool till next time –


Dr. Jens

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