Dear Blogreader – Last time I wrote about health. This time I will discuss the two opposite extremes of the economy: Down-to-Earth local food production at one end, and loftily abstract global monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve at the other.

And the subject of food is an excellent starting point for realizing how interdependent everything is on everything else, something our Old Paradigm with its specialized materialistic approach has totally forgotten. Food is necessary to keep alive, but it is also the most fundamental part of economy, just as it is a fundamental part of keeping healthy and overcoming illness. Health, in turn, is a prerequisite for being able to work and produce food, or any other product or service that builds a society and a civilization, including energy and communications.

It´s been a while since my previous blog, as I have been spreading myself thinner and thinner….But I hope it will finally lead to even better and more relevant information services, as time goes by.

And time does go by, while relentlessly building momentum for the now slowly culminating Paradigm Shift.

As I keep emphasizing, and especially so in my indispensable ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM, the only way to keep afloat in the times to come, is to make yourself independent of governments and big global corporations of all kinds. This begins with food and water, without which no life is possible. The other fundamental building blocks for a developed and civilized society are energy, health, and communication, plus a practical, locally based mechanism to exchange products and services, independent of national currencies and the global mega-banks.

By the way, those who haven´t already done so, can order the ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM free of charge from the CONTACT page of this website. It´s also available in Spanish and Swedish. So please specify your language preference.

Our technological development has indeed been spectacular and has to some extent benefitted the common people. But these benefits have not been nearly as great as would have been possible, if the “Powers-That-Be” had not blocked many of the most important inventions and discoveries, keeping them secret for reasons of “national security” or personal greed for power, and preventing them from coming to market. This is a sign of the imbalance between our technological, material evolution, and our spiritual, ethical or moral evolution as a species.

There is no doubt that Humanity is now making giant strides in terms of growing awareness and level of consciousness. It´s happening partly thanks to the technological development which allows a degree of communication and access to information never before possible, nor even imagined.

It´s important to realize that spiritual awareness and wisdom have little or nothing to do with level of formal education, or even with intelligence (IQ) as measured by currently prevailing methods. That may be difficult for our western trained, left-brain dominated, rational minds to fathom. Yet our problems today are largely caused by lack of spiritual awareness and wisdom in our leaders and politicians, however intelligent and formally educated they may seem.

The big question is whether the real rulers of our world, many of whom are hiding under the deceptive blanket called “democracy”, will come to their senses, before they have destroyed our planet and irrevocably put our species on the road to extinction by way of nuclear radiation, genetically manipulated (GMO) food, chemical poisoning of the environment, and artificially created massive poverty.

I now reverse the order of the opposite extremes of the economy mentioned at the beginning. So, first I will quote an exceptionally well connected insider´s take on the recently announced financial measure by the US Federal Reserve. It amounts to creating, “out of thin air”, 50 billions of new dollars every month indefinitely, and it´s known as Quantitative Easing (QE) III.

Here it is:

The implications of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke´s declaration on September 13th, 2012

“The Federal Reserve will buy toxic mortgage backed securities at the rate of $40 Billion a month indefinitely. These toxic assets will be used to buy derivatives that, multiplied by fractional methodology, will see trillions of dollars created from nothing. The banks, that the Federal Reserve will buy these securities from, will use the money to buy US treasuries and not be used to help the economy. The estimated $600 Trillion to $1.5 Quadrillion derivatives market will be used to bring down every currency in the World simultaneously so that the humanity will be begging the elite to give them a new world electronic currency. This will happen when the elite, via their corporate interests, have taken over all real estate mortgages in the US.

Each of these monthly spates of money-creating out of thin air will trigger a devaluation of the dollar with the corresponding spike in prices and the nominal cost of living. It will be particularly noticeable on the price of gold. It is possible that the government will try to control the gold trade and manipulate its price. But if that happens, a flourishing black market in gold and other precious metals will arise, that will be impossible or difficult to control.”

Back to the fundamentals of physical life: FOOD.

At Todmorden, an English market town north of Manchester and west of Leeds, a new kind of peaceful revolution is well under way. It´s a people´s grassroots (literally!) movement, that has already engaged communities all over the world, as far as South East Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America. This is a true expression of the New Aquarian Paradigm: A local but globally networking community that collectively takes care of its own natural, organic food production to make itself independent of toxic Big Agro. And in the process becoming both happier, healthier and wealthier. This development is anathema and a nightmare scenario for the New World Order. And it´s likely the only way to fight their plans for a global military dictatorship à la Orwell´s 1984.

Check out this short video:

And this website: http://www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/

The food supply is one of the most conclusive battlefields to determine the outcome of the fight between the old and the new paradigms. Only those who realize this in time may have a chance to survive the coming mayhem.

Please don´t skip watching at least the video, which is only 11 minutes long. This is the only key to securing not only a livable future and a healthy society, but the very survival of vast masses of people, perhaps including you and me! And we don´t have much time to put it in place. Big Agro will not keep you healthy, nor guarantee your food supply at affordable prices, or even at all.

Until next time, stay healthy happy and aware! And please take action and spread this information as far and wide as you can. I also count on you for comments and constructive ideas!


Dr. Jens

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