In my previous blogpost I discussed “the New World Order”, now high up on the international agenda, while Communism and Capitalism as concepts are being phased out.

Communism and socialism as such are typically Aquarian ideas, based on the concepts of equal rights, solidarity, and cooperation. These are totally new ideas in the history of Humanity, essentially sponsored by the men behind the US Declaration of Independence, though they never used those terms or labels.

The basic idea behind the concept of communism has nothing to do with dictatorships or totalitarian states banning all forms of personal ownership. That particular aspect of communism as we have known it, is an old paradigm ingredient, introduced to make it a workable tool for a new type of power-monger, who built on the newly born power of the masses while effectively sabotaging the original idea. In other words, a kind of Trojan horse, who conquered the new enemy from inside their own ideological headquarters.

The labels we have become used to in politics, such as Right and Left, or Conservatives, Liberals and Socialists, among others, really make no sense under the Aquarian Paradigm. Maybe this is because the old paradigm is a kind of flatland, where we only see and count with two dimensions. The Aquarian Paradigm introduces a third dimension which radically changes our perception.

If we look at a map of our solar system on paper, we may say that for instance the Earth is to the left or to the right of the Sun, as it was drawn on the map. In real life both the Sun and the Earth move, and if we were to see a moving 3-dimensional representation of the solar system, that we could walk around, how then could we talk about left or right? It would make no real sense at all. It would depend entirely on our individual and changeable viewpoint.

In his radio and web-TV shows, Info-Warrior Alex Jones thunders against “the New World Order” and their architects and sponsors, whom he calls “the globalists”. He identifies them as a group of insane and ruthless power-mongers led by international “banksters”. More precisely, he talks about the six or so most powerful international banks under the principal influence of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

These “banksters” control many of the world´s largest corporations, but also – and this is even more important – much of the world´s money supply. They own the central banks of the US and Britain, controlling the circulation of both the almighty dollar and the likewise powerful pound sterling. Now they have also taken control of the Euro, as a result of the financial crisis they themselves engineered.

The long-standing agenda of these families has been revealed to include a global military dictatorship run by themselves via their banks, with the reduction of the world population by several billion people. This project is what´s now known as “The New World Order”. Total control by electronic means of all citizens is a central feature of this plan, already very far advanced. When one finds out what they are up to, one begins to feel that, by comparison, George Orwell´s 1984 depicts an idyll of freedom, independence, and truth.

Now, I don´t agree with everything Alex Jones says, nor with how he says it, but there´s no doubt that his role is like that of the canary in the coalmine. Fortunately, till now he has not had to give up his own life in order to sound the alarm and save others, as the canaries in the mine would have to.

During the 17 years Alex Jones has run his radio show, he has revealed and documented a long list of government plots and conspiracies and power abuses, that have almost invariably been confirmed and proven correct in retrospect, often years or even decades later. And when it comes to the so called New World Order, there is now ample documentary proof that what Alex Jones has been saying for many years about its background and the intentions of those behind it, is absolutely true.

So, according to Alex Jones and many other freedom lovers, “the globalization” is the worst evil we can imagine…

But wait a moment! Not so fast, please!

We need to analyse and define what we are talking about, before we jump to conclusions. As with the concepts of communism and capitalism, many take for granted that globalization must come with abusive global monopolies, dictatorships and military might, because that´s what we are seeing so far. And the reason for that, as I have already mentioned, is that what we have seen up till now, has been a hijacking of the new ideas by people with old paradigm blindness and blinkers. The result has been a perversion of the original pure idea, with only a part of the idea allowed to develop, and in a distorted form dictated by old paradigm values and fears.

It may be easier to understand this, if we make a point of distinguishing between content and form, or content and container or vehicle. During the transition period between the two paradigms we have often seen a new paradigm idea or technology content being usurped by old paradigm players and put into an old paradigmn agenda to serve reactionary purposes. Like, for instance, globalization. Occasionally, the opposite could also happen: The promoters of the new paradigm may use old paradigm institutions, forms or vehicles, in the hope of getting more credibility and acceptance for their new ideas.

One reason this happens is that some of the incoming Aquarian ideas develop sooner and faster than others. Only when all areas and levels of both content and form have been equally affected by the Paradigm Shift, can we hope to see a complete and harmonious transformation of our society and our lives.

Globalization is a true Aquarian concept, and it has definitely come to stay. But that does not mean a fascist global rule by a group of “globalist” mega-corporations or banks. Quite the contrary, in fact.

The true expression of the Aquarian principle of globalization is through a borderless decentralized society with locally autonomous entities, both political, financial, social, educational, and commercial, who do not have to answer to any central superior authority with military power, but who cooperate seemlessly and in solidarity with other similar local entities across the entire global panorama. Forget terrorism, which thrives on old paradigm power struggles. Most of what we have seen – and it actually isn´t a lot, though it´s been disproportionally blown up by media – was invented and staged by our old-paradigm “powers-that-be” under false flag for their spurious purposes.

By the way, democracy is another Aquarian idea that has been warped in its manifestations by old paradigm power freaks, who simply don´t deliver the goods. The practice of democracy can be much improved through decentralization. As a matter of fact, it requires decentralization to really work.

A fundamental feature of this scenario is the decentralization of energy generation and food production, with local and individual autonomy. The energy will be free and unlimited, and produced locally in every home or activity center. We will all have to invest in the device that produces the energy, buying or building it, but after that it will never cost us a single cent, except in maintenance of the device. No need for any fuel, ever again. No more electricity or gas bills.

What I just described is obviously a nightmare scenario for the oil industry, for the utility companies, for those who manufacture equipment for the generation, transformation and transport of electricity, for the banks, and for a horde of others who make their living – and their billions – from the energy generation and grid system. Or from commissions and bribes related to these businesses.

As you probably know by now, the technology necessary to produce free – and clean! – energy in every home and at every workplace, has existed for over 100 years. But since it threatened the profits and power of Big Oil and company, it was kept under lid with the help of the corrupt politicians and their lawmaking abilities, and was never allowed to get through to commercial production.

Just think of how a few billionaires, the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan and others, have set human evolution back a hundred years, causing untold poverty and suffering, and polluting the planet to the brink of its tolerance, in order to consolidate their power through a dirty monopoly on energy. Which has also led to a series of horrible wars, killing tens, if not hundreds, of millions of innocent people.

Should this not trigger your justified anger, even rage? – Should this not make you want to do something about it? But in positive, creative terms to fix the problem, not in terms of violence or revenge, please!

Now, finally, the time has come, thanks to the Internet and to computers and mobile phones – all typical Aquarian inventions – to challenge the tyrannical ban on free and clean energy, and get it out to every home and workplace on the planet. And the basic technology is really cheap to implement on a small scale. And freely available on the Internet for anyone who wishes to build his or her own energy device. This energy revolution will be a truly Aquarian breakthrough.

We must of course expect free and clean energy to be outlawed with spurious arguments. The “Powers-that-be” have far too much to lose, if they just sit quietly back and watch us take things into our own hands and deprive them of their unmerited monopoly income. And that´s where we need to become rebels in the best Aquarian tradition, refuse to obey such tyrannical and misanthropic legislation, and stand united in peaceful civil disobedience, while building the clean independent future we have every right to.

As I already said, globalization is an Aquarian phenomenon that we cannot – and don´t want to – fight. It´s a great step forward in the history of Humanity, that we should embrace with enthusiasm and gratitude. The most spectacular positive example of it so far is the Internet.

What we must fight, is the way globalization has been used by the multinational banks and other corporations of the old paradigm to globally reinforce their financial and political supremacy, at the expense of small enterprises and individuals.

True Aquarian globalization involves everybody: individuals, small companies, organizations, non-profits, idealistic associations, and communities of all kinds. Their access to the Internet and services like SKYPE where they can communicate with anyone anywhere on the globe practically free of charge, is where the real globalization happens.

Where only 20 years ago, a small, one-man company would have no possibility of reaching a market outside its local area with its products or services, now it has virtually the whole world as a potential market. This means, among other things, that very small and specialized niches now can be successful through reaching millions of customers all over the world, where they previously could not reach enough people in their local market for them to make ends meet. Paraphrasing E.F. Shumacher, I say that the kind of globalization I just described, makes it possible for a small local beauty to become a small global beauty. And correspondingly successful. So how could that be bad?

In my next blogpost I intend to write about terrorism and wars. Don´t be put off from reading it. We need to face facts in order to turn them around.

For now I sign off, wishing you

Till next time,

Dr. Jens
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