Who is really running our world? Are all the presidents and prime ministers and other power mongers who seemingly run the world, just puppets, marionettes, controlled by someone invisible, unseen?

Whoever it is, one cannot help wondering what is really motivating him/her/them to these immature orgies of fear and greed and inhuman lack of feelings and conscience that the world is experiencing now, on a larger scale than ever before in its known history?

On the surface we are facing an economic “neoliberal” global dictatorship by the international “bankster” community who controls the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned against. Their agenda is an insatiable accumulation of material resources and total global power for themselves and their families, while reducing the world population and “safely” maintaining the rest of us in physical and psychological slavery, as envisaged by George Orwell in his novel 1984, and by Aldous Huxley in his Brave New World. Though these books were futurist when they were written, what they describe is the fullblown old paradigm on steroids.

If you think I am exaggerating, you have been distracted and failed to take notice. It´s already happening, and fast.

I find it hard to believe that human beings can be so insensitive, so unspiritual, so callous, so cruel, so lacking in the most elementary empathy or compassion, as we now see the real rulers of our world to be. And that they can be so self-delusional, so false and hypocritical. From a holistic and spiritual perspective, this seems to spell out monumental stupidity and shortsightedness.

So I can´t help wondering if we should apply a more esoteric perspective to this whole scenario. What if it´s all just a giant spiritual exercise to force the rest of us to grow up, become aware and do something about it? If so, it seems we need excessively strong provocations to wake up, come to our senses, and rise to an appropriate level of awareness and active stewardship of our human inheritance, and of the planet we have recently taken control of.

Remember that the Devil is a creation of the almighty God, and without Judas there would have been no Christianity.

The question is: Will we have to endure the destruction of our material world, the decimation of physical life, a catharsis so deep that our entire planet becomes uninhabitable for the kind of life that it presently hosts, before we come to our senses and realize our true identity and our true spiritual calling as a soul species?

Are the puppet masters just misguided human beings of flesh and blood, psychopaths obsessed with power and material possessions, or are they driven by some form of higher godlike consciousness that moves them to act destructively in pursuit of an ulterior spiritual purpose?

I don´ t have the answer.

What seems clear on the face of it, is that we have reached a turning point, where we either urgently join forces to change our destiny and consciously embrace the future we want on this planet, or we go under as a civilization.

The old paradigm society has run its course. It has been an evolutionary experience that has taught us a lot and served us well, and it´s time to make the paradigm shift into the Aquarian Paradigm. But the soul of the old paradigm is not letting go without a big fight. Not only is it resisting the incoming tide and taking protective measures. It´s aggressively taking the initiative and usurping the new Aquarian technologies to gain full control and disempower the representatives of the emerging paradigm.

Since a paradigm shift is like a change of season, nothing can ultimately stop it. But there are ways of artificially delaying its effects, and precisely the new technologies of the Aquarian Paradigm are able to interfere with energy, with mind, with weather, with communications, even with the atmosphere and magnetic field of Earth.

Fortunately, the new paradigm has advanced sufficiently to ensure that old time secrecy is no longer possible, that transparency is now the rule of the land. Which means that WE THE PEOPLE can become aware of whats going on, if we only bother to look. And we cannot be deprived of access to our new Aquarian technologies. But we are having a difficult time of it, because the old powers control media, and they know exactly how to keep us distracted, even keep us in a trance. And the herd instinct makes it very uncomfortable for us to see or do something that is not endorsed by the false general consensus promoted by media at the beck and call of the old paradigm rulers.

The big question now is not if the paradigm shift towards an equitable golden age of awareness, peace and prosperity will take place or not – it will – but how much death, human suffering and destruction it will cost us to get through to the other side. And it all depends on us, on you and me. It depends on how conscious we are, on how we react, and then on how – and how fast – we act.

Now please don´t just agree – or disagree – and forget about this. Spread the word, and take action!

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If the world is still spinning on its axis next week, I hope to see you again then.

In the meantime take care and get wise!

Dr. Jens

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