Dr. Jens’s Story

My personal story is a long and unusual one. I have been gathering knowledge, experience and wisdom from many different sources throughout my life. And now the time has come to share all I know with you, and with all those who wish to be able to confidently face a future which will be very different from our past.

jj2After 7 years of studies in parapsychology, law, economics, political science, and languages, I became a diplomat at age 26. After 7 successful and interesting years as a diplomat, I resigned to make myself independent, financially and otherwise, as an investment counsellor and real estate broker.

Having achieved financial independence, I dedicated myself exclusively to Astrology for 7 years, and from there I continued into holistic medicine, to which I dedicated 14 years.

My following challenge was awareness education, and that led me to integrate everything I had learnt up till then. In the process I discovered the grand invisible pattern of transformation that we are presently experiencing and that I call the Paradigm Shift. At that point I became a professional Futurist.

This website is about the Paradigm Shift, which is completely changing the rules of our game. Few people have realized what is going on, but the change is now accelerating and becoming more and more obvious to each and all of us. It’s like being swept off our feet into a dark tunnel by a tornado or a tsunami, precipitating us into a complete transformation, which does not at all have to end badly. Actually it may give us a marvellous opportunity to improve our personal condition along with that of Humanity as a whole, and that of the entire planet. But for this to happen, we need to understand and work with the emerging new Holistic Paradigm. And that´s where I come in with this website.

Never doubt that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. So don’t be afraid! Together we will get to the other side on time, in great spirits and good physical form. Just hold on to my hand, or at least to my words!

With All my Might
In Every Byte
I’ll Fill my Site
With Love and Light
And Sunshine Bright
To Lead the Fight
For What is Right