Hello dear readers – The topic of the day is Syria. It seems that the US under Obama´s presidency is hell-bent on pursuing its more than ten year old plan to “take out”, destroy and take over 7 countries (not counting Afghanistan) in the Middle East and Northern Africa, even though they are now at least 5 years behind schedule. And so the time has come to destroy Syria, a legendary hotbed of multicultural human history with irreplaceable treasures of universal interest. And, like Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria borders on Iran, which is the last country on the Empire´s hitlist.

The US government has only the flimsiest contrived or false flag excuses for all these wars, and it´s clear to any objective observer with any intellectual capacity left, that the only true motives are to achieve control of the entire planet, protect and support the interests of Israel, rob most of the Muslim countries of their resources, especially the oil, and prevent China from getting a financial hold on Africa and the Middle East. However, we must never forget the obscene profits that the armament industry and the international banks are making off of all wars, plus all those members of the military-industrial complex who will get to rebuild the demolished countries afterwards. And those interests are closely linked to many of the tops in the present US power structure.

Let me briefly go back to the Snowden affair. Although it has been known in certain circles outside the government for several years already that a gigantic new installation was being built in Utah with capacity to intercept all communications in the world, the press had not paid much attention to this, probably because it was told not to do so for reasons of “national security”. The Utah facility is basically an exponential expansion and enhancement of the so called Echelon program, based on an agreement between the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and consisting of a global software system to intercept private and commercial communications world wide. Echelon was created already in the early 1960s, initially to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet block during the cold war.

Edward Snowden realized that what the National Security Agency was doing was no longer called for by true security concerns, and it had grown beyond anything remotely reasonable, and clearly invaded constitutionally guaranteed personal privacy of everybody on Earth. But it took a Snowden and a mainstream media report from the UK to make people really see what was going on, and react.

All this is a sign of the workings of the Aquarian Paradigm, making sure that nothing remains secret any more, but is projected on to the screen of our consciousness.

One of the things that became clear from this, is the awesome power this espionage gives to those in charge of it. They can come to know practically everything about everybody, and can easily use it to blackmail, threaten or bribe people in power, to do their bid. They can target people in Congress, people in their own government and in foreign governments, in finance and industry, and anywhere they set their eyes on our shrinking planet. The world has never seen an opportunity for abuse of power like this.

From the frenzied reaction by Obama and his administration, one would conclude that Snowden is in possession of even more damning information, that has not yet been released to the public.

Once it became known that Snowden intended to ask for asylum in another country to escape US “justice”, President Obama ordered his vice-president to pressure the governments of nations from which Edward Snowden requested protection, among them Russia and El Ecuador, to refuse him asylum. Such behavior by a world leader is in violation of long established and generally accepted principles of international law and human rights. Besides, Obama´s posture no longer conforms to even the simplest logic and reason. First he deprived Snowden of his American citizenship without any legal procedure, let alone a sentence. And then he asks other nations to refuse him asylum and extradite him without a legal cause.

Snowden himself pointed out that the United States for decades has supported political dissidents in other countries, and defended their human right to seek asylum. “But this right, laid out and voted for by the US in article 14 of the universal declaration of human rights, is now being denied by the current government of my country”, he said.

The sudden cancellation, for never specified “technical reasons”, of Bolivian President Evo Morales´s permission to overfly France, Spain and Portugal on his way back to Bolivia from Belarus, is another unprecedented breach of the most elementary age-old rules in international relations. This shows how the US is now able to control its European allies and make them violate established principles of international law at the touch of a button. Actually, this kind of intervention could rightfully be considered an act of war against Bolivia.

The reason for this was false intelligence, or perhaps just a simple suspicion on the part of the US, that Edward Snowden could be in the plane with Morales, and on this flimsy ground the governments of four countries thought nothing of endangering the flight of the Bolivian president in order to force the plane down and intercept Snowden inside the official plane of a legitimate head of state. That plane is obviously Bolivian territory wherever it is, just as embassies are, and it should be inviolable to all other countries. Besides, the Head of State of a sovereign nation is in his full right to grant asylum to a stateless person, and then also entitled to invite him into his plane, should he so choose. Well, as we know, Snowden was not on board the Bolivian plane.

Furthermore, it makes absolutely no sense that the US claim jurisdiction over Snowden after they deprived him of his US citizenship and when he is far from US territory. And jurisdiction over the plane of a foreign head of state? Anywhere in the world? – The US may claim certain rights over their own citizens in accordance with the constitution and other legislation, and possibly also over non-citizens who are present on US soil, but definitely not over anyone else.

How glaringly preposterous this whole show really is, comes to full light through a comparison. Consider on the one hand Snowden´s “crime” and the hysterical chase all over the planet to catch and severely punish him. And then consider, on the other hand, the millions of dead, mutilated and bereaved people, among them a high percentage of children, that the many uncalled for wars of the US are leaving in their wakes, not to mention the destruction of entire countries, and the eternal legacy of the radioactive Depleted Uranium ammunition, causing cancers and horrible birth defects for generations to come, that has been imposed on these hapless countries with full knowledge of their effects. And the American soldiers are exposed to it too, by the way.

Those horrendous war crimes, surely the worst in the history of Humanity, are not being prosecuted, and much less punished. And then, without missing a beat, Obama has the guts to claim his right and duty to attack and bomb to smithereens a foreign country, killing tens of thousands of civilians including children, that he pretends to feel so strongly for, in order to change its government. The purported reason? That the Syrian government launched an attack of poison gas on its own people killing a thousand or so, right on clue as the UN commission arrived, invited by the government itself, to check if poison gas had been used. Makes sense? When numerous witnesses and indicators point to the so called “rebels” as perpetrators, the very same who have been funded and armed by the US themselves and NATO for several years already in order to destabilize the country and cause destruction while pretending to be victims of government terror.

Have you noticed how these people like to play the effective “child card”, ensuring that many of the victims are children, and then making the most of people´s emotional response to such atrocities. But when they openly kill thousands of innocent children with their drones, then it is just “collateral damage” and not worth mentioning.

And this is not over by a long shot, if we don´t do something radical to stop it. It may well soon be our own turn to get bombed and “taken out”.

On the international arena there have been many recent signs of people waking up and taking action to promote the Aquarian paradigm, though obviously they are not aware enough to understand the larger historical context and long term result of their actions. Apart from violent manifestations in Europe and Latin America, I am thinking of the protests against the Morsi government in Egypt, reportedly the most massive ones ever, anywhere, that culminated in Morsi´s arrest and removal from power. Reason? That he had not kept the promises that got him elected and that the people experienced that nothing was functional, people could not get work, and the government meddled in, and controlled everything. And that happened after only one year in power. Compare that to all Obama´s broken promises for “change to believe in” and his acceleration of Bush´s policies that he vowed to turn around. – And yet he was re-elected after a full 4-year term.

Incidentally, many Egyptians seem to blame Morsi´s hated rule for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood on Obama and the US.

Massive protests and manifestation have become the order of the day, and they are affecting many, if not most, countries. And that is a loud and clear signal that the Aquarian Paradigm is well and alive, and claiming its birthright to finally break through and create a new world of peace, cooperation, solidarity, health, happiness and abundance.

It´s like having to brave a violent storm rounding the Cape of Good Hope in order to reach calm waters and a clear sunny sky on the other side.

So, what will happen next? Well, it depends on us. Considering the formidable technological, financial and military power of our adversaries, the old-paradigm rulers, and their mercilessness and utter contempt for law, justice and human rights while hypocritically pretending to force freedom, democracy and human rights on the rest of the world, the change will not come by itself. Nor will it come through democratic elections, which are nothing but a thinly camouflaged scam anyway.

It´s up to all of us people of good intentions all over the world to make it happen within the present Aquarian wave, in other words within the next 5 years or so. If we do not rise up to the occasion and immediately take determined action, we will probably have to suffer a nuclear world war along with more engineered epidemics, more health-destroying vaccines, more intentional poisoning of our food and water leading to illness, starvation, and de facto slavery, which is what the present rulers are selling us.

So what can we do against such gigantic power? First of all we must remember the power of sheer numbers. If many enough of us join forces and refuse to cooperate with the System, refuse to obey its unlawful tyrannical orders or decrees, refuse to buy its toxic products, and instead build our own alternative structures, its house of cards will crumble. The System depends on us, on our work as producers, on our money as consumers, and on the cooperation of the people in its administration, military and police, to retain its power.

How are we going to achieve this? I hope there are many more good ideas out there, but my free ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM is a good start. Those who have not already read it, please order it from the CONTACT page of this website. Just type in your full name and email address and the words Action Plan in the contact form, and I will send it to you free of charge. And ask your friends to order it also.

Don´t delay. It´s already very late, if we are to avert all these mortal threats to our health, our freedom, our happiness, and our very lives. But better late than never, and it´s not yet too late! So spread the word and get on with it right away!

And please post your comments and ideas here or on Facebook and Twitter!

Until next time, be aware, take care, and love and laugh as much as you can!

Dr. Jens

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If there was a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy, Betrayal and Deceit, then the number one most obvious candidate would be Barack Obama. He was swept into office by a people tired of George W Bush´s war-mongering and increasingly tyrannical rule built on the staged false-flag World Trade Center demolition, and enthused by Obama´s charismatic and vigorous promises of a “change to believe in”. I was myself as happy and hopeful as most peace-loving people when he was elected, even if I already had certain misgivings stemming from my insights into the workings of politics in general, and American politics in particular.

The people´s fervor over Obama´s election should logically have turned into a white rage over his betrayal, as he not only failed to comply with his many promises, but has been doing the exact opposite of what he expressly promised to do during his election campaign. He has in fact put Bush´s hated policies on steroids and is presently presiding over a police state with a tyrannical, lawless and unconstitutional government, that is riding roughshod over the constitution, and over every law and international treaty in the book. Obama signed into “law” – completely unconstitutional of course – a right for himself to detain, torture, put away indefinitely, and even kill anyone, American or not, on a simple suspicion, with no formal accusation, no due process and no proof of any kind. Do you call that democratic? Or civilized? Or even human? It certainly has no semblance of justice, or even law. Actually, I call that terrorism. And he still talks in his rhetoric about America being a beacon of freedom and justice and democracy! If that is not hypocrisy to the nth criminal degree, I don´t know what could be.

And what about the drones he loves so? Unmanned monsters, costing billions of dollars, operated with “joysticks” from afar by computer game fans, and arbitrarily killing thousands of innocent civilians in distant countries, including a high percentage of children, just because someone thinks that there could be a “terrorist” somewhere in that crowd… I cannot think of any better word for that kind of activity than frivolous mass murder, if not genocide. It definitely takes psychopaths to think up and execute such activities.

Think I am exaggerating, or even lying, because you do not see any of this in mainstream media? – Mainstream media will not bring it up, since they are part of the system and controlled by the same forces who control Congress and Government with money, with bribes and threats. But all this information is documented by official sources, like Congressional reports etc, and can be accessed via the Internet by anyone who takes the trouble to do the research.

The Obama administration is now intent on monopolizing information, and its escalating war on free expression and a free press has been linked to a number of highly suspicious all too timely deaths of investigating journalists, a sure hallmark of a ruthless dictatorship mentality if ever there was one.

Just weeks ago, the respected young journalist at Rolling Stones magazine Michael Hastings criticized the government in a TV interview for constraining the press and suppressing information, asking other journalists to join him in a war against the government to defend free speech. Shortly afterwards he told a friend in a telephone conversation (as we now know listened in to by the government) that he was preparing his greatest scope ever, on the CIA.

Then he told another friend that he was nervous about being investigated and followed by the FBI, and that he had decided to go “under the radar” and disappear for a while. Only hours later, he was killed as his new Mercedes blew up not far from where he lived, right in the United States of America. The police was told not to give any information to the press or public about the investigation of what they termed an “accident” due to speeding. Yet, all circumstances and witness reports converge to the only possible conclusion that it was a planted car bomb that took his life. And this is by no means the only journalist killed just before he was about to publish something that was seen as dangerous or uncomfortable for Obama or his administration.

But it doesn´t stop there. It came out just the other day that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had prepared so called death squads to kill the leadership of the Occupy Movement by snipers, should they become too bothersome. Do you think the government in a democracy based on principles of law and freedom of expression, should hire professional killers to assassinate the leaders of a peaceful protest?

Since long before Obama, and regardless of whether the Republicans or the Democrats were in power, there have been numerous cases of honest whistleblowers revealing corrupt and abusive practices by the government, or its agencies such as the FBI, the CIA, and the FDA (Food & Drug Administration, in bed with Monsanto). Until now, most whistleblowers were sacked, arrested and hassled in every possible way, but at least they have not been killed, nor put away for good. One example is Sibel Edmonds, who has written an excellent and very revealing book, titled Classified Woman, about her tribulations and futile fight for justice since she was recruited as a translator by the FBI in 2001. But things have got much worse under Obama.

Sibel Edmonds is now heading a whistleblower organization and publishing a website at – On Friday 26th July Boiling Frogs Post published an article by political veteran insider Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, titled The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life on Earth – Nuclear War is on Washington´s Agenda.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under Reagan and has also been associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy, and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations.

In his article Dr. Roberts commented on another article recently published in the Yale Journal of International Affairs by Amitai Etzioni, Professor of International Affairs at the George Washington University. The title of Prof. Etzioni´s article is Who Authorized Preparations for War with China?

Etzioni reports that the Pentagon is preparing for a pre-emptive nuclear war against China that was not ordered by, and has not been reviewed by, US civilian authorities. Paul Craig Roberts comments, “We are confronted with a neoconized US military out of control endangering Americans and the rest of the world.”
– – –
“Because the American press is a corrupt government propaganda ministry, the American people have no idea that neoconized Washington is planning nuclear war. Americans are no more aware of this than they are of former Democrat President Jimmy Carter’s recent statement, reported only in Germany, that the United States no longer has a functioning democracy.

The possibility that the United States would initiate nuclear war was given reality eleven years ago when President George W. Bush, at the urging of Dick Cheney and the neocons that dominated his regime, signed off on the 2002 Nuclear Posture Review.

This neocon document, signed off on by America’s most moronic president, resulted in consternation and condemnation from the rest of the world and launched a new arms race. Russian President Putin immediately announced that Russia would spend all necessary sums to maintain Russia’s retaliatory nuclear capability. The Chinese displayed their prowess by knocking a satellite out of space with a missile.” – – –

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts concludes his article with the following broadside: “For the past 68 years, most military aggression can be sourced to the US and Israel. Yet, these two originators of wars pretend to be the victims of aggression. It is Israel that has a nuclear arsenal that is illegal, unacknowledged, and unaccountable. It is Washington that has drafted a war plan based on nuclear first strike. The rest of the world is correct to view these two rogue unaccountable governments as direct threats to life on earth.”

So what are you going to do about it? Just sit and wait for nuclear war to rend this world apart and make it uninhabitable for humankind and most other forms of life? And watch our air, water and food being poisoned, converging with multiple other agendas to reduce the world population and shorten the lifespan of those who survive.

Just wondering.

I will be back soon with more indigestible facts, but hopefully also with a few digestible suggestions.

Till then, at least spread the word!
Dr. Jens

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Right now, our planet is experiencing a precipitous escalation of the stakes in the relentless fight between two opposite paradigms, or models of society.

But before I go into that compelling subject I wish to greet all my faithful friends and readers welcome back to my blog after a long break, due to travelling and several new projects, while still lacking someone to assist me in my work. One of those projects is a new website about keeping healthy, active and happy as we grow old. Without risking our lives with doctors and hospitals and poisonous pharmaceuticals. As you will recall, my most important professional experience has been as a professor of holistic medicine, and it´s the anti-aging health expertise born out of that experience that I will share with you on my new site. But do not expect it to materialize online till sometime towards the end of this year. I still have a lot of work to do before it´s ready to go.

In the meantime you are welcome to voice your principal health concerns and requests for topics to bring up.

The headline of this blogpost – The Best of Times Or the Worst of Times? – is paraphrasing a quote by TV and radio show host Alex Jones of, who boldly represents an unstoppable global force for freedom and awareness. Awareness of, and freedom from, the enslaving and multi-level lethal effects of the dark clouds that, since decades, we see amassing over Planet Earth. These clouds are man-made by the self-obsessed procreators of the so called New World Order to promote their perverse bid for complete and ruthless control over the planet and all its resources, including its entire human population, in order to satisfy their personal greed and addiction to power. Their plan is already much further advanced than most people could ever have imagined, so it´s high time to wake up and do something about it.

From a cosmic point of view, what we are seeing unfold before our eyes is the final chapter of a centuries long struggle between two different super-paradigms. On the one hand the old, self-perpetrating but now obsolete monarchic, autocratic and tyrannical paradigm with its vertical command line from the ruler down. That paradigm is based on conflicts, wars and competition for scarce material resources. I win – you lose. The contender in this struggle, on the other hand, is a new paradigm based on equality, cooperation, human solidarity, democracy, energy, information and abundance. We all win together.

As I clearly lay out in my landmark book PARADIGM PULSE – SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE – see – the new paradigm saw its first important expressions through the American Declaration of Independence and the French Revolution, and it has progressed ever since in ever more powerful decade-long waves, alternated by reactionary waves of roughly equal length but different strength, when the old establishment has tried to turn the clock back.

The last clearly outlined progressive Aquarian wave coincided with the 1990s, beginning in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall and the Soviet empire. Other highlights of this wave were the Internet, the “tech bubble”, the proliferation of mobile phones all over the planet, international cooperation, important new advances in space research, and the massive outgrowth of the “grassroots” phenomenon of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

After the sinister first decade of the 21st century, we are now again in a progressive Aquarian wave, marked by a global awakening to what is really going on behind the scenes.

During the long period of transition from one paradigm to the other, we have seen many unholy marriages between old-paradigm agendas and new-paradigm technology, as well as new-paradigm agendas trying to ride old-paradigm structures. This has made it quite difficult and very confusing for people who try to figure out the true contours of what is actually happening.

One central quality of the new Aquarian Paradigm is its insistence on transparency. It simply does not tolerate secrets or hypocrisy. We notice how everything is increasingly coming out into the open and becoming public knowledge, whether it´s government corruption or the amorous affairs of the rich and famous. But paradigm shifts don´t take sides. They just impose a principle and let it work. It´s like the weather. It serves everybody equally. That some people may be better equipped to protect themselves from its effects, is another thing.

The recent exposure by Edward Snowden of what the US National Security Agency (NSA) is doing, is a great example of this. On the one hand the US government uses NSA to make sure nobody can keep any secrets from them any more, and on the other hand they try to keep their own activities secret from the public. Now, if they thought they could get away with that, then they did not count with Edward Snowden, nor with the Aquarian paradigm!

Obviously, the present US government is as old-paradigm as it gets, but they are using all the new-paradigm technologies to try and consolidate and expand their power. It may seem ironic that it was precisely the founding fathers of the US, who introduced the ideas of the Aquarian Paradigm, and yet now their supposed successors are serving the opposite interests in the spirit of the 18th century British empire, but with vastly superior military and technical resources.

The NSA scandal has exposed an unconstitutional and illegal government operation whose scope and capacity defies the wildest imagination. As a result, the American population and the entire world has finally woken up to the present US government´s rampant, sinister and cynical abuse of power.

Even if many of us have known about NSA´s ubiquitous spy-op for a long time, it took an insider´s revelations to uncover the planetary scale of this ill-intentioned invasion of privacy and human decency, and make it get through to the broad unsuspecting public. Maybe the most ominous aspect of this is that the information gathered on everybody without exception is used to control, blackmail, bribe or threaten anyone who falls out of line. Especially people in Government and Congress. The contrived argument that it is required to fight terrorism has no foundation whatsoever in reality.

And to then listen to Obama´s unsurpassed hypocrisy as he refers to laws and justice and America´s proud tradition as the global guardian of freedom, democracy and decency, is just too much to stomach.

Is anybody surprised that the US has put all its diplomatic, financial and military weight behind its resolve to catch and destroy Snowden for having disclosed the truth about the massive crimes committed by the US government? They first contacted China, then Russia and Equador to bully them into refusing asylum and instead arresting and extraditing Snowden to the US for trial on charges for treason or espionage.

To their credit, neither Russia nor China or Equador have yielded to the threats of the US, and at the time of writing this, Snowden apparently remains free in the transit area of the Moscow airport without other options than to board a plane to whatever destination he chooses. And where he will not need a passport to enter, since his US passport has been cancelled. He clearly risks being arrested on arrival and sent to the US, if he does not choose his destination very carefully.

It´s well known that the US via its secret agents regularly abduct and kill people anywhere in the world without any diplomatic or legal clearing, nor any due process of law. Therefore Snowden may only be safe as long as the US does not find out where he is. And given their truly mind-blowing resources, it´s hard to imagine that he can keep hiding from them for very long.

If Snowden is captured by the US, he may be lucky if he gets the same inhuman treatment as Bradley Manning, the soldier who spilt the beans to Wikileaks a couple of years ago, arguably doing his duty in accordance with US law and an oath he had sworn. Manning has been treated worse than a mass murderer, kept in solitary confinement and subjected to cruel torture, which is illegal under international conventions signed by the US. But at least he is still alive, awaiting his trial, which could give him the death sentence for treason, or lifetime imprisonment. At this stage of events, it´s surprising that they even bother to give him a trial. Actually, I wouldn´t be at all surprised if one day they announce that he committed suicide in his cell.

And yet, in this Piscean end time of false flags and smoke and mirrors, where nothing is what it appears to be, who can say what REALLY lies behind the high-powered geopolitical power plays we are seeing unfold around us?

More so than most of the endless scandals erupting over the last couple of decades, the NSA scandal has unmasked the US federal government before the public, and revealed its totally unscrupulous behavior and agenda behind the smoke screens of hypocrisy and brazen lies.

I am sorry if I am offending any wishful supporters of the American Dream – which is increasingly turning into a nightmare – but I am not going to fall for the coward´s temptation to not call a spade a spade.

Now let it be absolutely clear that my harsh judgment only refers to those elements in government who greedily keep promoting different agendas to provoke wars, terrorize the population and commit crimes against humanity. It does not refer to the bulk of the American people whom I truly admire and love for their tremendous qualities and achievements, and from whom I have learnt so much. Besides, I still believe that the final Aquarian breakthrough may come from inside America. I can only hope that the American people will wake up, and with indignation become aware of what is being done by their leaders, and rise as one, to finally put a stop to it.

So what is the answer to the question in the title of this blogpost: Are we in the best of times, or the worst of times? – Well, it all depends on us! – If all of us rise to the occasion and utilize the power of the moment to tip the scales and turn the whole process around, then this is the best of times, because the opportunity and the technical resources are here, and we are in the middle of a progressive Aquarian wave right now that we can ride to turn the tide.

But if on the other hand we hesitate, roll over to power, or just wait and see, then we are living in the worst of times, because then we can expect a nuclear world war, intentionally caused epidemics, a horde of mandatory health-destroying vaccines, poisoned water and food, starvation, and de facto slavery.

Don´t miss my next blog, where I will develop this theme further and also suggest several ways to take action. As usual I will alert you by email when it´s out.

Take care and be aware!

Dr. Jens

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I am back, at last, with my first blogpost of 2013. Though not sweet, it will be short, so you can spend 43 minutes on a remarkable new video that with crystal clarity, like none before it, explains why we are suffering all these wars, and why we are suffering the present economic crisis. And, of course, why most if not all politicians are corrupt and betray their voters.

This information is not as such new, but it´s only a few years ago that the public was able to access parts of it, and only thanks to the Internet. Mainstream media outlets never revealed these facts before, because they are controlled by the powers behind the scenes, and for obvious reasons they did not want this information to get out.

As I keep pointing out, the incoming Aquarian Paradigm insists on transparency and does not allow any secrets. The result is that all old paradigm plots and ploys and covered-up crimes are fast being revealed through the new Aquarian information technology.

Do not fall for the temptation to despair in the face of the seemingly all-powerful enemy, Always remember the story of David and Goliath. And always remember the power of the mind, the power of ideas, and the power of numbers, of the weight of a multitude of motivated and passionate or irate individuals all pulling together in the same direction at the same time!

And, above all, realize that there is a BIG difference between before and after the Internet. Before we did not even know what was going on, and so we could do nothing. Now we have the advantage of knowledge, which is the first condition for action.

Before I give you the link to the video I am talking about, I will sketch a super-quick overview of the world scene at the beginning of 2013:

Unsurprisingly, the trapping up of the Pentagon´s pre-planned wars on behalf of the almighty international Banksters, is gaining momentum in the Middle East and Africa.

After years of plotting and build-up, Europe was hijacked last year by investment banker Goldman Sachs via a string of linked ex-executives and advisors, who have taken over the European Central Bank and the governments of Greece and Italy. However, a week ago the Italians voted their Goldman Sachs unelected “technocrat” prime minister Mario Monti out of office. Now it remains to be seen what trick GS will come up with to regain control in Italy and resume their “austerity” policy, designed to collapse the economy and empoverish the people as a prelude to a total financial takeover with dictatorial powers.

The obnoxious Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has never worked for Goldman Sachs – as far as I know – but has nonetheless proved to be an obedient servant of their schemes.

There is no acceptable excuse, in my view, for the European politicians having jumped right into the trap set by the international banking community, giving up their sovereignty, their financial independence, and much of their assets, to the banks. After several decades of economic piracy and privatization sprees in most of the so called developing countries all over the world by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European countries should have been forewarned and able to resist such dismantling of national resources and piling up of unnecessary debt to the international banking conglomerate.

There are only two possible explanations, as I see it: EITHER the politicians in charge were sleeping on their guard and blissfully ignorant of what the World Bank and the IMF have been doing ever since they were created, which by itself means they are eminently incompetent and unsuited for their posts, OR they are as corrupt as their counterparts in the already raped countries, and took bribes to sell out their people and their assets to the banks and to US industry. Have your pick.

Regardless of which of the two explanations you pick, the governments in question should be sacked forthwith, and possibly sued for treason.

Here is the link to the video that explains it all:!

Do not skip this video! You really need to see it right to the end.

Stay safe and keep cool till next time –


Dr. Jens

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Dear Blogreader – Last time I wrote about health. This time I will discuss the two opposite extremes of the economy: Down-to-Earth local food production at one end, and loftily abstract global monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve at the other.

And the subject of food is an excellent starting point for realizing how interdependent everything is on everything else, something our Old Paradigm with its specialized materialistic approach has totally forgotten. Food is necessary to keep alive, but it is also the most fundamental part of economy, just as it is a fundamental part of keeping healthy and overcoming illness. Health, in turn, is a prerequisite for being able to work and produce food, or any other product or service that builds a society and a civilization, including energy and communications.

It´s been a while since my previous blog, as I have been spreading myself thinner and thinner….But I hope it will finally lead to even better and more relevant information services, as time goes by.

And time does go by, while relentlessly building momentum for the now slowly culminating Paradigm Shift.

As I keep emphasizing, and especially so in my indispensable ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM, the only way to keep afloat in the times to come, is to make yourself independent of governments and big global corporations of all kinds. This begins with food and water, without which no life is possible. The other fundamental building blocks for a developed and civilized society are energy, health, and communication, plus a practical, locally based mechanism to exchange products and services, independent of national currencies and the global mega-banks.

By the way, those who haven´t already done so, can order the ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM free of charge from the CONTACT page of this website. It´s also available in Spanish and Swedish. So please specify your language preference.

Our technological development has indeed been spectacular and has to some extent benefitted the common people. But these benefits have not been nearly as great as would have been possible, if the “Powers-That-Be” had not blocked many of the most important inventions and discoveries, keeping them secret for reasons of “national security” or personal greed for power, and preventing them from coming to market. This is a sign of the imbalance between our technological, material evolution, and our spiritual, ethical or moral evolution as a species.

There is no doubt that Humanity is now making giant strides in terms of growing awareness and level of consciousness. It´s happening partly thanks to the technological development which allows a degree of communication and access to information never before possible, nor even imagined.

It´s important to realize that spiritual awareness and wisdom have little or nothing to do with level of formal education, or even with intelligence (IQ) as measured by currently prevailing methods. That may be difficult for our western trained, left-brain dominated, rational minds to fathom. Yet our problems today are largely caused by lack of spiritual awareness and wisdom in our leaders and politicians, however intelligent and formally educated they may seem.

The big question is whether the real rulers of our world, many of whom are hiding under the deceptive blanket called “democracy”, will come to their senses, before they have destroyed our planet and irrevocably put our species on the road to extinction by way of nuclear radiation, genetically manipulated (GMO) food, chemical poisoning of the environment, and artificially created massive poverty.

I now reverse the order of the opposite extremes of the economy mentioned at the beginning. So, first I will quote an exceptionally well connected insider´s take on the recently announced financial measure by the US Federal Reserve. It amounts to creating, “out of thin air”, 50 billions of new dollars every month indefinitely, and it´s known as Quantitative Easing (QE) III.

Here it is:

The implications of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke´s declaration on September 13th, 2012

“The Federal Reserve will buy toxic mortgage backed securities at the rate of $40 Billion a month indefinitely. These toxic assets will be used to buy derivatives that, multiplied by fractional methodology, will see trillions of dollars created from nothing. The banks, that the Federal Reserve will buy these securities from, will use the money to buy US treasuries and not be used to help the economy. The estimated $600 Trillion to $1.5 Quadrillion derivatives market will be used to bring down every currency in the World simultaneously so that the humanity will be begging the elite to give them a new world electronic currency. This will happen when the elite, via their corporate interests, have taken over all real estate mortgages in the US.

Each of these monthly spates of money-creating out of thin air will trigger a devaluation of the dollar with the corresponding spike in prices and the nominal cost of living. It will be particularly noticeable on the price of gold. It is possible that the government will try to control the gold trade and manipulate its price. But if that happens, a flourishing black market in gold and other precious metals will arise, that will be impossible or difficult to control.”

Back to the fundamentals of physical life: FOOD.

At Todmorden, an English market town north of Manchester and west of Leeds, a new kind of peaceful revolution is well under way. It´s a people´s grassroots (literally!) movement, that has already engaged communities all over the world, as far as South East Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America. This is a true expression of the New Aquarian Paradigm: A local but globally networking community that collectively takes care of its own natural, organic food production to make itself independent of toxic Big Agro. And in the process becoming both happier, healthier and wealthier. This development is anathema and a nightmare scenario for the New World Order. And it´s likely the only way to fight their plans for a global military dictatorship à la Orwell´s 1984.

Check out this short video:

And this website:

The food supply is one of the most conclusive battlefields to determine the outcome of the fight between the old and the new paradigms. Only those who realize this in time may have a chance to survive the coming mayhem.

Please don´t skip watching at least the video, which is only 11 minutes long. This is the only key to securing not only a livable future and a healthy society, but the very survival of vast masses of people, perhaps including you and me! And we don´t have much time to put it in place. Big Agro will not keep you healthy, nor guarantee your food supply at affordable prices, or even at all.

Until next time, stay healthy happy and aware! And please take action and spread this information as far and wide as you can. I also count on you for comments and constructive ideas!


Dr. Jens

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EVERYBODY without exception NEEDS to read the following blog and see the fabulous and shocking film launched recently by the great US health warrior Dr. GARY NULL.

In the US and most other “western” countries, health care is controlled by government agencies. In theory, these agencies have been created in order to protect the people and ensure the safety and effectiveness of available drugs and treatments. However, since the pharmaceutical industry is by far the most profitable of all lawful businesses, and not necessarily the most law-abiding, the reality of the matter is quite different.

Big Pharma buys politicians and government authorities, scientific institutions and foundations, thanks to its enormous financial muscle, not only in the US but world wide. It funds – and controls – most so called scientific research, and it has an unholy influence on the government agencies that control the practice of medicine. In addition it spends billions of dollars on lobbying members of the US Congress to pass legislation proposed and written by Big Pharma´s own lawyers. And once it is law in the US, it is often copied by other countries where the US is seen as the model to follow.

Among the biggest money spinners in western medicine are cancer, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes. So legislation has been introduced to control the treatment of these illnesses. And it has been established exactly what treatments are allowed. Typically, these are all very expensive, and very profitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

These treatments are never designed to cure the illnesses they are prescribed for, only alleviate the symptoms, and most of them are meant to be taken for life. And also, again typically, they cause a number of “side effects” that will require treatment by other drugs, which again cause new side effects, and so on. Whether this is by design, or not, it´s a fact. It is not uncommon that a heart patient is taking a dozen different prescription drugs. As if that were not bad enough, several of the most commonly prescribed drugs have had to be recalled after directly causing tens of thousands of deaths.

Cancer is a chapter all by itself. Not only is it common that screening and diagnostic procedures actually cause cancer all by themselves, as does so called mammograms. They are often unreliable and produce false positives, which result in unnecessary surgery, chemo and radiation. And these, in turn, often result in the death of the patient, who cannot tolerate the destructive effect on the organism by the treatments. Besides, paradoxically – or diabolically – both radiation and chemotherapy actually cause or promote more cancer in the long run.

The medical establishment works heavily with intimidation and scare-mongering to keep people in line. It commonly tells patients that their particular form of cancer is exceptionally dangerous and fast progressing, and needs immediate and aggressive treatments if they will have any chance of surviving. This urgency and the false authority of the establishment and its “science” usually ensures that patients do not take the time to seek a second opinion. But the establishment also does a great independent hatchett job on alternative and natural therapies, that they call “unscientific” or outright “quackery”, and that they claim are dangerous for the patients.

Yet, official statistics show that over 100,000 people die every year in the US alone, from prescription drugs and standard hospital procedures. It stands to reason that official statistics do not capture all cases, so the situation is actually even worse.

Alternative and natural medicine practically never cause any harm, much less death, and – in spite of what the representatives of official authoritarian medicine tries to make you believe – it is far more effective at treating the actual cause of the illness than the drug & surgery model, and without side effects.

I hope you are in the mood now to watch the fabulous, massively researched and truly shocking film WAR ON YOUR HEALTH by the great crusader for true health and preventive medicine, Dr. Gary Null.

And do forward this information to everybody you care about. It may save many lives, and help many people live a healthier and happier life than they could under the not so tender “care” of Big Pharma.

Here is the link to Gary Null´s website, where you will find a button to see the whole film at the price of a tweet or a Facebook posting:

Take care, till next time –



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Hello my friends,
I have argued for years that democracy is an illusion and does not exist in real life. I am not even sure if it CAN exist, given the nature of the vast majority of human beings, and the corruptive effect of power and money on them.

The best rule would be by an enlightened and wise, altruistic and non-materialistic person, a widely experienced and savvy philosopher who is uninterested in power and money. He or she would use a holistic and spiritual approach, and would happily sacrifice his/her personal interests for the benefit of the people in general and for the country as a whole. The problem is that our money-based system with its unrealistic assumptions and hypocrisy does not allow such a person to be elected, and much less wield the power to govern.

It has often been observed that honest and sincere persons do not have a chance to last in the kind of politics that run our societies today. If, by accident, they are elected, one way or another, and rather sooner than later, they will be neutralized or liquidated at the hands of the ruthless crooks that will do anything to assume power for their personal benefit, and who so easily deceive and trick the masses into voting for them. Again and again.

We need a political system that will put an end to the violence and suffering and injustices and starvation and deaths and fear that the present system generates. A system that in the US reached a kind of ignominious and fulminating climax with the administration of Bush Jr., now prolonged and enhanced by Obama in blatant breech of all the lofty election promises that won him the presidency.

In the final analysis, I think it all boils down to our value system, to our materialistic Greed&Fear paradigm, that glorifies profitable conflicts and rewards ruthless robbers with gold and worldly power.

True democracy really equals individual sovereignty, a sovereignty shared between all the citizens, and temporarily delegated but never turned over to a government, whether elected or not.

I am rounding up this unusually short blogpost with a few thoughtworthy quotes from Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers and the 3rd President of the United States of America.

“The spirit of this country is totally adverse to a large military force.

We did not raise armies for glory or for conquest.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

Well, that will be all for this time. Please keep your comments coming, here or directly on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn!

God Bless, and see you again in October

Dr. Jens
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Hi there again, dear blog friends,

Last time I asked you to put your heads together and come up with ways to finally put a stop to the utter madness that is running today´s world. Ways to finally break the old paradigm dominance and usher in the Aquarian Paradigm for the long announced Golden Millennium.

I can´t say I have had a lot of input… I know it´s not easy. But if we don´t find a way to turn this around, we can look forward to maybe decades of devastating wars and violations of the most elementary rights of both humans, other life forms, and Nature itself. The resources, skills, and sheer madness of those with the real power is such that our very survival as a species is in danger.

Before such a threat, I think we all need to really make an effort, don´t you? – And the very first step is to make everybody aware of what is going on, hidden in plain view as it were. Next, we must realize what is at stake, and then how we can peacefully put a stop to the tyrannical abuse of power that is swiftly swelling out of proportion and devouring everything in its way.

The global financial crisis, now focused on Europe, was intentionally engineered by the big bankers who are pulling the financial strings from behind the curtain. The purpose is to keep us all in bondage, by first starving us and then offering us a poisoned bait to still our hunger. If we swallow it, we are done. The only way to escape to liberty and a decent life, is to refuse to take the poisoned baits offered us, and instead produce our own food, energy, health, transport, credits, etc., making ourselves independent of the aspiring despots.

Responding to my call for input from you, one of my faithful blog-readers wrote the following:

“I think the objectives as outlined in your program of change, is perfect, but without the organizational structures to work on the implementation of it, it might take a very long time to happen.

The leaders of political parties tend to allow themselves to be controlled by the powers that control the global economy. It results in a situation where the people are being terrorized by the very same people that they elected into power. How can we turn that around, so that the political parties can be controlled by the people?
I would love you writing us a paper focusing on that.”

We all know that one single person cannot do very much, unless he or she has a position of personal power or is a recognized leader with a large following. But a large number of people who join forces and pull together at the same time and in the same direction, can literally move mountains. Well, I´m not asking you to move real physical mountains.

What I mean is that together we are able to exert real influence on the direction the development of our societies will take. But we do not want violence. We do not want civil war. So, what´s the way to go? I think we can learn a lot from Gandhi, from the Philippines, from South Africa, and from Martin Luther King. However, I don´t mean to say that we should repeat the actions of those great examples. All I´m saying is that if we join together in large enough numbers, we can achieve change. So what should we be doing together this time? – Just keep reading to get the idea!

About the Philippines, Richard Deats wrote,

“In l986 millions of unarmed Filipinos surprised the world by nonviolently overthrowing the brutal dictator Ferdinand Marcos, known at the time as “the Hitler of Southeast Asia.” They called their movement “people power,” demonstrating in an amazing way the power of active nonviolence, the power of truth and love, similar to what was seen in the Gandhian freedom struggle in India and the civil rights movement in the United States.”

However, today much more is at stake than in India in 1947, in the Philippines in 1986, and in South Africa in the early 1990s. The global power struggle between the Old Paradigm and the emerging Aquarian Paradigm has now reached a point of no return, a tipping point, where the future of Humanity is in the balance. And this time the stage is not just one country, but the entire world.

For each of these revolutions, a new level of communication has fueled and coordinated the protests. In the Philippines it was the just introduced mobile phones that summoned the participants and coordinated the popular movement into such a force that the all-powerful president felt obliged to flee the country.

Now we have the Internet, as well as much enhanced mobile phones, to organize protests. No wonder then that the “Powers-that-be” are trying to introduce underhanded means to control all electronic communication.

What is also quite alarming is the lack of respect for the constitutions and for international treaties and agreements that the big powers have been demonstrating of late. As well as the ease and stealth with which they have been introducing unconstitutional legislation to curtail traditional freedoms and take dictatorial control. In addition, the US and Britain have made far advanced preparations for brutal military repression of any uprisings or protests by their own populations.

So, as we see, it´s getting late, if we want to stop this slide into unbridled tyranny, without bloodshed.

Today, the situation is different on several levels compared with the previously mentioned examples. It´s not enough to topple the despotic rulers and continue on the same path, only with a more tolerant government and more freedom.

This time, we are in for a decisive Paradigm Shift, which must affect the entire society on multiple levels, if we want to positively change our world in any meaningful way.

My free Action Plan for Shifting Paradigm outlines the most important ways to turn this whole thing around for good, but in order for it to happen, we must find a way to take massive collective action and make ourselves independent of governments and global corporations.

The main areas where we need to ditch the existing monopolies, whether public or private, are: Energy, Food, Health, Banking, and Personal Transport. And it´s perfectly possible with a little knowledge and organization.

Once we´re independent and self-sufficient in these areas and stick together in civil disobedience, the governments and big corporations will be powerless, and they will crumble from inside.

If we set this up in appropriate ways, there will be little need for a central government or national utility companies. The key is decentralization to local communities in a borderless global society, where people can cooperate and network directly on a day to day basis. Already existing but not yet commercialized new technologies will make this feasible, and much easier than it sounds. But we will meet resistance on every level from those now in in power.

In other words, the necessary transformation of society and our value system has to grow organically from the grassroots up. The model would be traditional rural communities, but we are less geographically conditioned nowadays thanks to electronic communication, we have advanced technology at our disposal, and we can reach out to cooperate with people anywhere on the planet.

The concentration in most countries of half their population to large cities may cause some difficulties, but it can also be of great help. The trick is to bring people together in creative and productive cooperation. In some ways it may be like going back a few centuries in time, but in other ways it´s definitely a giant step into a future that will be very different from anything we could imagine even a short time ago.

My blog-reading friend was concerned about the political parties who allow themselves to be controlled by the international banksters or large corporations. And also about politicians who are elected by us but bought by lobbyists to tyrannize us.

The answer to those questions may well be that political parties, as we know them, will soon be a thing of the past and will be automatically phased out, once our local communities get going. And that the only elected politicians of any importance will be local ones, whom the voters can know personally, and keep continuous contact with. Even now, only just over half of the people entitled to vote in the presidential elections in the US and Mexico, actually bother to vote at all.

Now, if you still haven´t done so, please go to the CONTACT page of this website and order and read my ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM. No cost and no obligation.

And then please volunteer to send me your comments and suggestions to make it better, and let me know how you think it can be best implemented, right now. And when you do that, remember Howard Zinn´s important insight:

“The most formidable military machine depends ultimately on the obedience of its soldiers …the most powerful corporation becomes helpless when its workers stop working, when its customers refuse to buy its products. The strike, the boycott, the refusal to serve, the ability to paralyze the functioning of a complex social structure–these remain potent weapons against the most fearsome state or corporate power.”

So, you see, we are not powerless, if we only join forces and take organized action.

Till soon

Dr. Jens
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Old-fashioned wars used to be against other countries, usually triggered by a border conflict or a dispute over the ownership of some rich asset, sometimes even over a perceived insult. Occasionally, they would break out between different parts or factions of the same country, then called civil wars.

Today, most wars seem to be against “terrorists”. Spokespeople for the US government make a big drama of “terrorists” killing nearly 3,000 people on 9/11, hypocritically swearing revenge, and launching wars against a series of countries that have had nothing to do with 9/11. But what about the well over 3,000 innocent civilians killed by unmanned US drones in Pakistan, a supposedly sovereign country, which is not only at peace with the US, but an ally. Nobody in the US government seems to be upset about that. So that´s perfectly OK and kosher, is it?

And then we haven´t even mentioned the millions of innocent civilians killed in the unprovoked wars against the neutral and friendly sovereign countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, among others, with several other countries lined up for the same treatment of destruction, beginning with Syria. Incidentally, did you notice that they all seem to be Muslim? Are we talking hypocrisy, or war crimes and mass murder? – Does this kind of behavior even have a name?

And oh, I forgot to mention that there is no way 9/11 was pulled off by a bunch of cave-dwelling Arabs who could barely fly a Cessna. Anyone who bothers to study the events, however superficiously, will find several dozens if not hundreds of gross – and I mean really GROSS – flaws and anomalies in the official version of that event, which prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that the US government has been lying through their teeth and trying to cover up a crime so vile that it defies the imagination. Now, why would they go to such lengths to cover it up, if they were not involved in it themselves?

Former US President and war veteran, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, said,
Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

Yet he could hardly imagine what insane amounts of resources, both material, monetary and human, would be wasted by the US and other war-loving countries only 50 years later, and during a time of “peace” at that! Resources that should have been allocated to solving the most pressing problems of Humanity and our planet, not to destroy entire nations, killing millions of innocent civilians, men, women and children, while filling the already bursting coffers of corrupt politicians invested in the armament industry. And irremediably polluting our planet with nuclear radiation and waste

In his farewell speech as President, Eisenhower warned the American people not to let “the military-industrial complex” become too powerful. Just a few years later, John F. Kennedy got to taste its real power, as he was assassinated for refusing to collaborate with its schemes. So much for the power of US presidents. The real power resides elsewhere, out of sight.

The 18th century French philosopher Voltaire wrote,
It is forbidden to kill; therefore murderers are punished – but not when they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

Let´s go straight to the heart of the problem! – The world is doped and dazed by the “Powers-that-be” to believe
1) that wars emerge spontaneously from ethnic, religious or other conflicts between groups of people or nations. Instead, the truth is that the vast majority of wars are intentionally provoked by governments to feed their boundless greed for more profit and more power.
2) that the solution to an already exploded war is helping one´s preferred party defeat the other party by sending arms and soldiers, and thus expanding, and prolonging, the war.
3) that this kind of war expansion is to bring “humanitarian help” or to “fight for justice or for human rights” of a group supposedly oppressed under one of the parties;
4) that controlling by force the economies and military deployment of all countries of the world is the way to keep peace and security for all peoples. Orwell comes to mind: War is Peace. Slavery is Freedom.
5) that there is an ever present permanent and great danger of organized terrorist attacks that have to be prevented through invasive control measures and deprivation of freedom.

Benjamin Franklin, pioneer of the Aquarian Paradigm and one of the Founding Fathers of the US, famously said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Another quote that elegantly sums up the truth is from the brilliant actor and director Peter Ustinov, who said, “Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of the rich.

However, he may not have lived long enough to find out that most of the so called terrorism we have been seeing lately, has been created by US and/or Israeli agencies themselves in order to provide an excuse for an endless and all-pervading war. Why? – As a means to promote their standard triple agenda: To increase their political power globally, to selectively reduce the world population, and to make “a killing” in the sense of billions in profits to further strengthen their financial muscles.

So, how do we put a stop to all this?

It´s not easy, as long as we cave in to fear of those in power. But fear will not help us, nor will it protect us, quite the contrary.

So forget fear, and instead cultivate faith. If you are God-fearing (oops! there goes our fear again) then you may cultivate faith (instead of fear) in God. And if you don´t believe in a personal God, then try to grow faith in a higher intelligence, or your own higher all-knowing self, or your spiritual guide or guardian angel.

Or just cultivate courage. Usually, the best way to overcome fear is to look it straight in the eyes, feel it, and “do it anyway”.

Don´t misunderstand me; I am not talking about volunteering to die by knowingly exposing yourself to a certain death. That would hardly serve any purpose, at least not in terms of worldly results. Maybe martyrdom could strengthen the resolve of others, but I wouldn´t recommend it as a conscious choice.

What I am referring to is a situation where the possibility of harm, danger, or even death, is but a statistical possibility that faith can overcome, and where there is a positive outcome worth fighting for.

I am now going to let this brew for a couple of weeks and take a short summer/winter break before I publish my next blogpost.

In the meantime I suggest you all put your heads together and come up with ways to finally put a stop to the utter madness that is still so prevalent among those who govern our world. Ways to finally break the old paradigm dominance and usher in the Aquarian Paradigm for the long announced Golden Millennium.

I am eagerly looking forward to your suggestions. But remember they must be realistic and effective without being violent. Meditation is wonderful but, on its own, it takes too long – and too many meditators – to mellow or break down obsessed hardened power structures. Maybe we need a multiform approach? Let me have your thoughts and proposals, either in the column here to the right, or by email, or via the Contact page of this website.

God Bless, take care and stay aware
till next time,

Dr Jens
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In my previous blogpost I discussed “the New World Order”, now high up on the international agenda, while Communism and Capitalism as concepts are being phased out.

Communism and socialism as such are typically Aquarian ideas, based on the concepts of equal rights, solidarity, and cooperation. These are totally new ideas in the history of Humanity, essentially sponsored by the men behind the US Declaration of Independence, though they never used those terms or labels.

The basic idea behind the concept of communism has nothing to do with dictatorships or totalitarian states banning all forms of personal ownership. That particular aspect of communism as we have known it, is an old paradigm ingredient, introduced to make it a workable tool for a new type of power-monger, who built on the newly born power of the masses while effectively sabotaging the original idea. In other words, a kind of Trojan horse, who conquered the new enemy from inside their own ideological headquarters.

The labels we have become used to in politics, such as Right and Left, or Conservatives, Liberals and Socialists, among others, really make no sense under the Aquarian Paradigm. Maybe this is because the old paradigm is a kind of flatland, where we only see and count with two dimensions. The Aquarian Paradigm introduces a third dimension which radically changes our perception.

If we look at a map of our solar system on paper, we may say that for instance the Earth is to the left or to the right of the Sun, as it was drawn on the map. In real life both the Sun and the Earth move, and if we were to see a moving 3-dimensional representation of the solar system, that we could walk around, how then could we talk about left or right? It would make no real sense at all. It would depend entirely on our individual and changeable viewpoint.

In his radio and web-TV shows, Info-Warrior Alex Jones thunders against “the New World Order” and their architects and sponsors, whom he calls “the globalists”. He identifies them as a group of insane and ruthless power-mongers led by international “banksters”. More precisely, he talks about the six or so most powerful international banks under the principal influence of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

These “banksters” control many of the world´s largest corporations, but also – and this is even more important – much of the world´s money supply. They own the central banks of the US and Britain, controlling the circulation of both the almighty dollar and the likewise powerful pound sterling. Now they have also taken control of the Euro, as a result of the financial crisis they themselves engineered.

The long-standing agenda of these families has been revealed to include a global military dictatorship run by themselves via their banks, with the reduction of the world population by several billion people. This project is what´s now known as “The New World Order”. Total control by electronic means of all citizens is a central feature of this plan, already very far advanced. When one finds out what they are up to, one begins to feel that, by comparison, George Orwell´s 1984 depicts an idyll of freedom, independence, and truth.

Now, I don´t agree with everything Alex Jones says, nor with how he says it, but there´s no doubt that his role is like that of the canary in the coalmine. Fortunately, till now he has not had to give up his own life in order to sound the alarm and save others, as the canaries in the mine would have to.

During the 17 years Alex Jones has run his radio show, he has revealed and documented a long list of government plots and conspiracies and power abuses, that have almost invariably been confirmed and proven correct in retrospect, often years or even decades later. And when it comes to the so called New World Order, there is now ample documentary proof that what Alex Jones has been saying for many years about its background and the intentions of those behind it, is absolutely true.

So, according to Alex Jones and many other freedom lovers, “the globalization” is the worst evil we can imagine…

But wait a moment! Not so fast, please!

We need to analyse and define what we are talking about, before we jump to conclusions. As with the concepts of communism and capitalism, many take for granted that globalization must come with abusive global monopolies, dictatorships and military might, because that´s what we are seeing so far. And the reason for that, as I have already mentioned, is that what we have seen up till now, has been a hijacking of the new ideas by people with old paradigm blindness and blinkers. The result has been a perversion of the original pure idea, with only a part of the idea allowed to develop, and in a distorted form dictated by old paradigm values and fears.

It may be easier to understand this, if we make a point of distinguishing between content and form, or content and container or vehicle. During the transition period between the two paradigms we have often seen a new paradigm idea or technology content being usurped by old paradigm players and put into an old paradigmn agenda to serve reactionary purposes. Like, for instance, globalization. Occasionally, the opposite could also happen: The promoters of the new paradigm may use old paradigm institutions, forms or vehicles, in the hope of getting more credibility and acceptance for their new ideas.

One reason this happens is that some of the incoming Aquarian ideas develop sooner and faster than others. Only when all areas and levels of both content and form have been equally affected by the Paradigm Shift, can we hope to see a complete and harmonious transformation of our society and our lives.

Globalization is a true Aquarian concept, and it has definitely come to stay. But that does not mean a fascist global rule by a group of “globalist” mega-corporations or banks. Quite the contrary, in fact.

The true expression of the Aquarian principle of globalization is through a borderless decentralized society with locally autonomous entities, both political, financial, social, educational, and commercial, who do not have to answer to any central superior authority with military power, but who cooperate seemlessly and in solidarity with other similar local entities across the entire global panorama. Forget terrorism, which thrives on old paradigm power struggles. Most of what we have seen – and it actually isn´t a lot, though it´s been disproportionally blown up by media – was invented and staged by our old-paradigm “powers-that-be” under false flag for their spurious purposes.

By the way, democracy is another Aquarian idea that has been warped in its manifestations by old paradigm power freaks, who simply don´t deliver the goods. The practice of democracy can be much improved through decentralization. As a matter of fact, it requires decentralization to really work.

A fundamental feature of this scenario is the decentralization of energy generation and food production, with local and individual autonomy. The energy will be free and unlimited, and produced locally in every home or activity center. We will all have to invest in the device that produces the energy, buying or building it, but after that it will never cost us a single cent, except in maintenance of the device. No need for any fuel, ever again. No more electricity or gas bills.

What I just described is obviously a nightmare scenario for the oil industry, for the utility companies, for those who manufacture equipment for the generation, transformation and transport of electricity, for the banks, and for a horde of others who make their living – and their billions – from the energy generation and grid system. Or from commissions and bribes related to these businesses.

As you probably know by now, the technology necessary to produce free – and clean! – energy in every home and at every workplace, has existed for over 100 years. But since it threatened the profits and power of Big Oil and company, it was kept under lid with the help of the corrupt politicians and their lawmaking abilities, and was never allowed to get through to commercial production.

Just think of how a few billionaires, the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan and others, have set human evolution back a hundred years, causing untold poverty and suffering, and polluting the planet to the brink of its tolerance, in order to consolidate their power through a dirty monopoly on energy. Which has also led to a series of horrible wars, killing tens, if not hundreds, of millions of innocent people.

Should this not trigger your justified anger, even rage? – Should this not make you want to do something about it? But in positive, creative terms to fix the problem, not in terms of violence or revenge, please!

Now, finally, the time has come, thanks to the Internet and to computers and mobile phones – all typical Aquarian inventions – to challenge the tyrannical ban on free and clean energy, and get it out to every home and workplace on the planet. And the basic technology is really cheap to implement on a small scale. And freely available on the Internet for anyone who wishes to build his or her own energy device. This energy revolution will be a truly Aquarian breakthrough.

We must of course expect free and clean energy to be outlawed with spurious arguments. The “Powers-that-be” have far too much to lose, if they just sit quietly back and watch us take things into our own hands and deprive them of their unmerited monopoly income. And that´s where we need to become rebels in the best Aquarian tradition, refuse to obey such tyrannical and misanthropic legislation, and stand united in peaceful civil disobedience, while building the clean independent future we have every right to.

As I already said, globalization is an Aquarian phenomenon that we cannot – and don´t want to – fight. It´s a great step forward in the history of Humanity, that we should embrace with enthusiasm and gratitude. The most spectacular positive example of it so far is the Internet.

What we must fight, is the way globalization has been used by the multinational banks and other corporations of the old paradigm to globally reinforce their financial and political supremacy, at the expense of small enterprises and individuals.

True Aquarian globalization involves everybody: individuals, small companies, organizations, non-profits, idealistic associations, and communities of all kinds. Their access to the Internet and services like SKYPE where they can communicate with anyone anywhere on the globe practically free of charge, is where the real globalization happens.

Where only 20 years ago, a small, one-man company would have no possibility of reaching a market outside its local area with its products or services, now it has virtually the whole world as a potential market. This means, among other things, that very small and specialized niches now can be successful through reaching millions of customers all over the world, where they previously could not reach enough people in their local market for them to make ends meet. Paraphrasing E.F. Shumacher, I say that the kind of globalization I just described, makes it possible for a small local beauty to become a small global beauty. And correspondingly successful. So how could that be bad?

In my next blogpost I intend to write about terrorism and wars. Don´t be put off from reading it. We need to face facts in order to turn them around.

For now I sign off, wishing you

Till next time,

Dr. Jens
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I promised you an analysis of the changes in our society that are being triggered by the Paradigm Shift. In this blogpost I dive right into it, after last blogpost´s introductory background that I hope was helpful.

We´re being told that Communism is a failed experiment, now belonging to the past. Some say the same about Capitalism. Actually, whether this is true or not, depends on what we mean by these two, supposedly opposite concepts.

Communism, as an idea, is a child of the incoming Aquarian Paradigm, but not in the totalitarian form it has taken so far, which is due to it being hijacked or polluted by the old paradigm. This is a transitional phenomenon between the two paradigms.

Capitalism is more rooted in “the old paradigm”. But that does not mean that capitalism is doomed to disappear. Capitalism in the sense of the need for capital as investment, either from savings or from newly created credit, will not go away, if we want to continue to develop, build, and prosper.

But at least two things will have to go away:

First, the obsession with eternal unlimited growth, which is not only unsustainable, but a physical and mathematical impossibility. This also means that the recent focus by most investors on speculative capital gains, akin to gambling, has to go away. Instead we have to go back to focusing on real realistic returns from productive innovation, labor and capital.

Second, the greedy accumulation of all capital on just a few hands of bankers and monopolists, leaving ordinary people outside the loop.

On the one hand there is room for overall economic growth to the extent that the population grows while maintaining its average productive power per person. On the other hand there is also room for economic growth without a growing population, to the extent that technology and capacity improve through innovation, allowing ever more productivity per average man-hour.

However, it´s important to underline that such growing productivity must increasingly be expressed through more and better services, with more time for life-long learning, spiritual pursuits and leisure, not through ever more material goods and gadgets, that we never get time to use, and that deplete material resources and pile up as mountains of hazardous waste.

Capitalism under the new paradigm will not be practised only by the big corporations and banks via their billionaire shareholders, as is the tendency now. A healthy economy is based principally on a multitude of small and medium sized companies, and self-employed individual entrepreneurs. This was the foundation of the so called “American Dream” – now fast receding into the mists of memory – a dream that stirred the spirit of initiative, creativity, and a life of personal independence in people around the world. That is essentially another Aquarian concept that serves society as a whole, not just the individuals who practice it and who are often envied by less enterprising people.

The recent concentration of old paradigm capitalism has led to more and more people living in abject poverty lacking the barest necessities, while a small elite for their private pleasure endlessly gobble up and control far more resources than they know what to do with, and more than they can even keep track of. Which means they also accumulate power, since material resources equal power in our old paradigm society. But this does not have to be a part of capitalism.

Cooperatives are the most typical form of Aquarian Paradigm capitalism, and they are really not that different from limited companies, where the shares are distributed among many small shareholders, none of whom has enough votes to exert a dominating influence over the company and its policies. It means that ownership is distributed more or less equitably among many people. This “democratizing” of capitalism has been taking place to a considerable extent over the last century, and especially over the last several decades. It´s a typically Aquarian phenomenon and has taken the form of investing insurance premiums, savings for retirement etc. in the stock market, rather than in a savings accounts in the bank.

Typically of the transition times we are living in, this last mentioned trend happened in tandem with the deregulation of the banking and insurance businesses. In other words an unholy union between the Aquarian democratization of capital, and the financial hegemony of the old paradigm. This deregulatory manoeuvre opened the playing field for massive fraud against the small new “capitalists” on the one hand, and on the other hand set off the gigantic financial bubble known as “the Global Casino”.

This swindle of unimaginable proportions is what triggered the global financial crises beginning in 2006. It has yet to run its deftly manipulated course through to the the final collapse of the entire system. And while most of the western world is now suffering from the result of this swindle, the “banksters” who propagated it have all personally made billions in personal profits. In the meantime, corrupt and incompetent governments continue to “bail out” the gambling losses of the banks with money levied from already loss-ridden low and middle income taxpayers. Or simply with non-existing money they print new or create out of thin air, resulting in inflation with major price hikes on the horizon, combined with unemployment and lower spending capacity. A fail-safe recipe for a depression.

Quite a few observers and analysts are of the opinion that the “banksters” intentionally orchestrated this whole crisis scenario in order to force the various nations to finally accept their “salvation package” consisting in total takeover of power by a world government run by them and with a global military monopoly at their disposal to enforce their policies. In other words, “The New World Order” complete and ready to tickle you pink where you least enjoy it. Or George Orwell´s 1984 in an updated version about 30 years delayed.

I know: This New World Order scenario looks rather improbable, as long as neither China nor Russia play along, Yet, the insanity – and technology – of the present leaders of the Western world is such that they are capable of provoking a nuclear war, plus earthquakes and tsunamis, in order to advance their agenda. They know that they have far superior striking power, of which important features have been kept secret from the world, though partially leaked.

Now here is another important aspect of the Aquarian Paradigm we should never forget: That of transparency. It´s increasingly impossible for the old-timers to hide what they are doing. Sooner rather than later, it all ends up on the Internet, and everybody finds out – except mainstream media of course!

During the transition period between the two paradigms, we are seeing a lot of hybrid organizations and activities. That´s how trade unions turn into mafia-run political and financial power centers, and how the profits of cooperatives are hijacked by their executives, cheating the common members of their share.

Fair and balanced capitalism at least allows social mobility and gives opportunities to the have-nots to become haves through hard honest work. Obviously, not everyone can become a millionaire, but everyone can earn enough to live a comfortable dignified life with access to education, healthy food, true natural healthcare, vacations, leisure, and a home of their own, that no government or bank can take from them.

This picture may fall a little short of the legendary “American Dream” I mentioned earlier, but it qualifies as a realistic aspiration for every human being on Earth, if only the available resources were distributed with a semblance of solidarity, justice and compassion.

I am not saying that people should receive money or other support from governments or institutions without doing anything for it. That is not a good idea at all. What I am saying is that we should, on a global level, regardless of ethnic, religious or national divisions, invest in people, support people´s good will and productive efforts, instead of wasting the money on destructive wars and military equipment, that does not feed or clothe anyone, but instead kills people and destroys the fruit of previous human labor.

If you think, with “the globalists”, that our Earth is unable to aptly support even its present inhabitants, let alone a fast growing future population, think again! What is needed is education and innovative investment in organic agriculture to feed the starving masses both physically, mentally and emotionally, not eliminating them and genetically manipulating food that will poison us and cause far worse problems than they pretend to solve.

With proper education and a rising standard of living, the danger of overpopulation disappears by itself, as has already happened in Europe, America, and parts of Asia. Both Mother Earth and human ingenuity are capable of much, much more than the little selfish fear-shrunk brains of “the globalists” can ever imagine.

In my next blogpost I will discuss GLOBALIZATION from the Aquarian point of view.

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Dr. Jens
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What is the present Paradigm Shift doing to Capitalism and Communism, to Right and Left, to Conservatives, Liberals and Socialists, to Republicans and Democrats? – And what has it got to do with globalization? – Or with the New World Order, for that matter? – What can we expect to come out of the present financial, political and social turmoil?

We are witnessing what is probably the most radical change of our society ever, certainly in known human history. I here use the word radical in its original sense of going to the roots, not implying any position on the modern political scale of right and left.

Because it has been a slow process, most of us have not realized what has been going on, or at least have not understood the large picture and the long term implications.

In this and my next blogposts I will try to give a very brief analysis of this process, connecting a number of dots, and hope that it will help you see the contours of the emerging large picture. For a fuller understanding I urge you to read my landmark book PARADIGM PULSE – SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE, available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or as e-book from this website for only 10 dollars.

But before I dive into the fate of our present political and social paradigm and its particularities, I want to paint a broad background.

The task of media is supposedly to diffuse information, and this information should ideally be objective, or at least as objective as humanly possible. But the nature of media is to focus on separate events of acute interest to its audience, and that usually means events of immediate temporary and local interest to the consumers (readers or viewers) and advertisers of each particular media outlet. Therefore, the large picture is something that almost by definition evades the attention of media.

Also, media are owned and run by people, and people are prone to vested economic interests or emotional preferences. That´s why it´s rare these days, when Mammon rules supreme in both politics and economics and in most people´s minds, to find truly objective media who tell the truth. Instead they use their space and time for issues that will instantly convert into profits, for themselves, their shareholders, and their advertisers.

It is the complicated task of historians to try and trace the long term trends and make some sense of them in retrospect. Mostly, this only means combining enough dots to show a comprehensive picture of common trends across nations and over time. But what caused those trends to form, and what further conclusions or predictions can be made from identifying and analysing them, is another story altogether. Few have attempted it, and those who have, are most likely ignored or ridiculed, especially by our presently ruling materialistic science which in recent times has been raised to the status of a religion, whose pronouncements cannot be questioned.

To try and use such trends to forecast the future is a daunting task, that very few have attempted, and even fewer have been successful at. There are a few examples of science fiction authors or thinkers who got a lot of things right like a century or more before they happened, but most did not, and it´s always impossible to know at a particular point in time which of many predictions will later come true, and which will not. Only time will tell, as the saying goes.

In our time, beginning during an Aquarian wave about 50 years ago (see my book Paradigm Pulse for details), a new – and clearly Aquarian – discipline of research and study appeared on the scene, namely futurology. This, logically, created a new profession called futurists. And this new discipline, much like medicine, economy and astrology, is by necessity holistic, and a combination of art and science.

So what do futurists do? To many people, the idea of a futurist immediately suggests a fortune-teller or psychic medium, or an astrologer. However, in an attempt to comply with the apparently strict – but often hypocritical and arbitrary – demands of ruling modern science, futurists have developed research techniques similar to those of sociologists, economists and business analysts. This means plotting development trends of different kinds by economic and demographic data, and trying to predict what a continution of the prevailing trends would mean at different future dates.

Unfortunately, it turns out that prevailing trends only go so far, before an unforeseen game change appears in the shape of a new invention – again an Aquarian phenomenon; think computers, mobile phones, and Internet – or a war, or a political watershed, such as the communist revolution in Russia with its global geo-political consequences lasting nearly a century.

So what do futurists do? They play games. They describe the present situation, as far as they are able within the parameters of what they want to predict, which is often only a particular outcome for a particular corporation or nation.

Then futurists would normally try to merge their experience and historical knowledge with their imagination, to create what they call “scenarios”, which are descriptions of different alternative future events or outcomes. So they try to figure out what would happen, if alternative A, for instance, materializes. And then what would happen, if instead alternative B materializes. And so on. With different time frames.

Undoubtedly, the best futurists – just like the best physicians, economists and astrologers – are those who honor the intuitive right hemisphere of their brains, the artistic side of the brain. Those who comply with western “scientific” dogma and use only the rational left hemisphere of their brains to logically calculate the probable outcome, do far worse. Their forecasts are more often than not wrecked by so called “wild cards” that nobody could foresee on rational and historical grounds, such as a revolutionary new technology. Neither historians, nor futurists, and much less politicians and business people, are able to predict such game changes from their factual knowledge bases.

At that point, we have to resort to astrologers. And we are not talking psychic predictions or superstition, as modern scientists would have you believe. Quite the contrary, properly practised astrology is the oldest strictly empirical science there is, and in a real sense the mother of all sciences. It´s based on meticulous and painstaking astronomical observations over millennia, correlated to events on Earth. It´s as empirical as it gets.

The fact that the observations and conclusions of astrology cannot be explained within the limited panorama or paradigm of modern science, does not invalidate them in any way. It is as if the caterpillar would condemn the viewpoint of the butterfly as superstitious, humbug, or “unscientific”. The problem is one of different paradigms, different perspectives for viewing the world. Where astrology, although ancient – probably more ancient even than all our known history – now represents the incoming Aquarian Paradigm and is continuing to evolve, thanks to advances in astronomy and computer science.

I promised you a brief analysis of the changes in our society that are being triggered by the Paradigm Shift, and also of the expected outcome of the present financial, political and social turmoil.

Since I don´t wish to impose too much on your time, I have decided to try and limit my blogposts to a maximum of around 1,500 words. This means I have to divide the present analysis of our changing society into at least two, probably three posts. Having now provided you with a background and context, I hope my continued analysis will make a lot of sense to you.

So, make sure you don´t miss my next blogpost!

Till then, take care, stay aware, and make fair!

Dr. Jens

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WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG! – It´s been a while since I was last heard from, but at least there should have been enough old postings here to love or hate for those who just discovered my blog, and even those of my followers who did not get onboard from the beginning, two years ago.

This time I will revel in some prominent features of the incoming Aquarian Paradigm, such as TRANSPARENCY, ECOLOGICAL INTERDEPENDENCE, and HOLISTIC OVERVIEW. Being aware of and applying these Aquarian features will help the keen observer detect how individual things and observations fit into a larger scheme, both in space and time, and also how they often reflect complex hidden agendas – natural or manmade – with vast implications for Humanity and Planet Earth, both in the short and the long term.

Opening up these new and wider perspectives and accessing a higher and more comprehensive dimension of knowledge and understanding is what the Paradigm Shift is about. Think of the difference in perception between that of the caterrpillar on the leaf of a plant in the garden, and that of the emerged butterfly, soaring high above it all. That is the difference in perception between the old and the new paradigm.

My starting-point and example for this exercise in Aquarian thinking is a new mind-boggling book by investigative journalist Liam Scheff titled OFFICIAL STORIES.

Could official stories be anything but difficult or boring? – You bet! Just wait till you read the book! Liam Scheff is not difficult, and never boring.

You owe it to yourself and your children to read this book as soon as possible. When you´re done reading it, then read my own two books CRACKING THE RAINBOW CODE, and PARADIGM PULSE – SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE, and you are ready to take on the future, both practically and spiritually, and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Liam Scheff´s OFFICIAL STORIES reads like a thriller, an entertaining page-turner. Parts of his book should shock and enrage you. But every page is illuminating and deeply thought-provoking. A tour de force by a journalist who is both an awareness champion, a maverick and a genius. A modern, disrespectful, even raucous tale, bursting with dynamically contained youthful indignation.

Liam Scheff deals with issues few journalists would ever be allowed to publish in mainstream media, and he digs far deeper than even most scientific studies. Yet, the most important part is not that he digs deeper than usual. It´s that he shatters the reigning paradigm and expands the narrow reductionist thinking we have been trained to accept as norm, guiding us into a whole different dimension of awareness. Across a wide array of disparate fields.

In the book OFFICIAL STORIES Liam Scheff scrutinizes 11 stories promoted by officialdom as if they were simple undisputed facts. But when we are invited to scratch the surface of these contrived stories, they turn out to be anything but facts. However insistently our new dominant religion – Dogmatically Materialistic & Reductionist Science – is being invoked to support them.

Conspiracy theories, anyone? – Rest assured: These are true stories of real conspiracies, superbly researched and clearly stated.

All the stories selected for this book, however disparate and varied, share a common denominator in their paradigm-shattering non-reductionist approach. The following are the themes of the 11 official stories Liam Scheff is taking apart for us in this fascinating book:

The historical background of US foreign policy
The murder of John F. Kennedy
The Big Bang theory
Continental drift and an expanding Earth
The origin of Life

Some collection to find in one single book, don´t you think? Very Aquarian. The old paradigm would have made eleven highly specialized books of this, with no hint of any common denominator or connection between them.. But Liam Scheff is generous and gives it to us in just one very accessible and easily read book, that hints to us how it all comes together.


Into the bargain Liam throws his own brilliant understanding of how Life came about and continues to evolve in our Universe. Combine it with my own book CRACKING THE RAINBOW CODE TO ACCESS THE SECRET OF CREATION and you will have an answer to the most important questions Humanity has been asking itself since the beginning of Time. Answers that current mainstream science will never find, as long as it does not drastically change paradigm.

Liam Scheff´s book is another herald of the final victory of the now fast emerging Aquarian Paradigm. Along with incisive revelations about our past and present official stories, it gives a foretaste of the kind of future we will all soon be sharing. It is therefore a book that should not be overlooked by anyone who cares about his or her future happiness, health and prosperity.

To a Peaceful, Healthy and Prosperous Future for all of us!

Dr. Jens

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