Hi there again, dear blog friends,

Last time I asked you to put your heads together and come up with ways to finally put a stop to the utter madness that is running today´s world. Ways to finally break the old paradigm dominance and usher in the Aquarian Paradigm for the long announced Golden Millennium.

I can´t say I have had a lot of input… I know it´s not easy. But if we don´t find a way to turn this around, we can look forward to maybe decades of devastating wars and violations of the most elementary rights of both humans, other life forms, and Nature itself. The resources, skills, and sheer madness of those with the real power is such that our very survival as a species is in danger.

Before such a threat, I think we all need to really make an effort, don´t you? – And the very first step is to make everybody aware of what is going on, hidden in plain view as it were. Next, we must realize what is at stake, and then how we can peacefully put a stop to the tyrannical abuse of power that is swiftly swelling out of proportion and devouring everything in its way.

The global financial crisis, now focused on Europe, was intentionally engineered by the big bankers who are pulling the financial strings from behind the curtain. The purpose is to keep us all in bondage, by first starving us and then offering us a poisoned bait to still our hunger. If we swallow it, we are done. The only way to escape to liberty and a decent life, is to refuse to take the poisoned baits offered us, and instead produce our own food, energy, health, transport, credits, etc., making ourselves independent of the aspiring despots.

Responding to my call for input from you, one of my faithful blog-readers wrote the following:

“I think the objectives as outlined in your program of change, is perfect, but without the organizational structures to work on the implementation of it, it might take a very long time to happen.

The leaders of political parties tend to allow themselves to be controlled by the powers that control the global economy. It results in a situation where the people are being terrorized by the very same people that they elected into power. How can we turn that around, so that the political parties can be controlled by the people?
I would love you writing us a paper focusing on that.”

We all know that one single person cannot do very much, unless he or she has a position of personal power or is a recognized leader with a large following. But a large number of people who join forces and pull together at the same time and in the same direction, can literally move mountains. Well, I´m not asking you to move real physical mountains.

What I mean is that together we are able to exert real influence on the direction the development of our societies will take. But we do not want violence. We do not want civil war. So, what´s the way to go? I think we can learn a lot from Gandhi, from the Philippines, from South Africa, and from Martin Luther King. However, I don´t mean to say that we should repeat the actions of those great examples. All I´m saying is that if we join together in large enough numbers, we can achieve change. So what should we be doing together this time? – Just keep reading to get the idea!

About the Philippines, Richard Deats wrote,

“In l986 millions of unarmed Filipinos surprised the world by nonviolently overthrowing the brutal dictator Ferdinand Marcos, known at the time as “the Hitler of Southeast Asia.” They called their movement “people power,” demonstrating in an amazing way the power of active nonviolence, the power of truth and love, similar to what was seen in the Gandhian freedom struggle in India and the civil rights movement in the United States.”

However, today much more is at stake than in India in 1947, in the Philippines in 1986, and in South Africa in the early 1990s. The global power struggle between the Old Paradigm and the emerging Aquarian Paradigm has now reached a point of no return, a tipping point, where the future of Humanity is in the balance. And this time the stage is not just one country, but the entire world.

For each of these revolutions, a new level of communication has fueled and coordinated the protests. In the Philippines it was the just introduced mobile phones that summoned the participants and coordinated the popular movement into such a force that the all-powerful president felt obliged to flee the country.

Now we have the Internet, as well as much enhanced mobile phones, to organize protests. No wonder then that the “Powers-that-be” are trying to introduce underhanded means to control all electronic communication.

What is also quite alarming is the lack of respect for the constitutions and for international treaties and agreements that the big powers have been demonstrating of late. As well as the ease and stealth with which they have been introducing unconstitutional legislation to curtail traditional freedoms and take dictatorial control. In addition, the US and Britain have made far advanced preparations for brutal military repression of any uprisings or protests by their own populations.

So, as we see, it´s getting late, if we want to stop this slide into unbridled tyranny, without bloodshed.

Today, the situation is different on several levels compared with the previously mentioned examples. It´s not enough to topple the despotic rulers and continue on the same path, only with a more tolerant government and more freedom.

This time, we are in for a decisive Paradigm Shift, which must affect the entire society on multiple levels, if we want to positively change our world in any meaningful way.

My free Action Plan for Shifting Paradigm outlines the most important ways to turn this whole thing around for good, but in order for it to happen, we must find a way to take massive collective action and make ourselves independent of governments and global corporations.

The main areas where we need to ditch the existing monopolies, whether public or private, are: Energy, Food, Health, Banking, and Personal Transport. And it´s perfectly possible with a little knowledge and organization.

Once we´re independent and self-sufficient in these areas and stick together in civil disobedience, the governments and big corporations will be powerless, and they will crumble from inside.

If we set this up in appropriate ways, there will be little need for a central government or national utility companies. The key is decentralization to local communities in a borderless global society, where people can cooperate and network directly on a day to day basis. Already existing but not yet commercialized new technologies will make this feasible, and much easier than it sounds. But we will meet resistance on every level from those now in in power.

In other words, the necessary transformation of society and our value system has to grow organically from the grassroots up. The model would be traditional rural communities, but we are less geographically conditioned nowadays thanks to electronic communication, we have advanced technology at our disposal, and we can reach out to cooperate with people anywhere on the planet.

The concentration in most countries of half their population to large cities may cause some difficulties, but it can also be of great help. The trick is to bring people together in creative and productive cooperation. In some ways it may be like going back a few centuries in time, but in other ways it´s definitely a giant step into a future that will be very different from anything we could imagine even a short time ago.

My blog-reading friend was concerned about the political parties who allow themselves to be controlled by the international banksters or large corporations. And also about politicians who are elected by us but bought by lobbyists to tyrannize us.

The answer to those questions may well be that political parties, as we know them, will soon be a thing of the past and will be automatically phased out, once our local communities get going. And that the only elected politicians of any importance will be local ones, whom the voters can know personally, and keep continuous contact with. Even now, only just over half of the people entitled to vote in the presidential elections in the US and Mexico, actually bother to vote at all.

Now, if you still haven´t done so, please go to the CONTACT page of this website and order and read my ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM. No cost and no obligation.

And then please volunteer to send me your comments and suggestions to make it better, and let me know how you think it can be best implemented, right now. And when you do that, remember Howard Zinn´s important insight:

“The most formidable military machine depends ultimately on the obedience of its soldiers …the most powerful corporation becomes helpless when its workers stop working, when its customers refuse to buy its products. The strike, the boycott, the refusal to serve, the ability to paralyze the functioning of a complex social structure–these remain potent weapons against the most fearsome state or corporate power.”

So, you see, we are not powerless, if we only join forces and take organized action.

Till soon

Dr. Jens
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