Hello dear readers – The topic of the day is Syria. It seems that the US under Obama´s presidency is hell-bent on pursuing its more than ten year old plan to “take out”, destroy and take over 7 countries (not counting Afghanistan) in the Middle East and Northern Africa, even though they are now at least 5 years behind schedule. And so the time has come to destroy Syria, a legendary hotbed of multicultural human history with irreplaceable treasures of universal interest. And, like Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria borders on Iran, which is the last country on the Empire´s hitlist.

The US government has only the flimsiest contrived or false flag excuses for all these wars, and it´s clear to any objective observer with any intellectual capacity left, that the only true motives are to achieve control of the entire planet, protect and support the interests of Israel, rob most of the Muslim countries of their resources, especially the oil, and prevent China from getting a financial hold on Africa and the Middle East. However, we must never forget the obscene profits that the armament industry and the international banks are making off of all wars, plus all those members of the military-industrial complex who will get to rebuild the demolished countries afterwards. And those interests are closely linked to many of the tops in the present US power structure.

Let me briefly go back to the Snowden affair. Although it has been known in certain circles outside the government for several years already that a gigantic new installation was being built in Utah with capacity to intercept all communications in the world, the press had not paid much attention to this, probably because it was told not to do so for reasons of “national security”. The Utah facility is basically an exponential expansion and enhancement of the so called Echelon program, based on an agreement between the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and consisting of a global software system to intercept private and commercial communications world wide. Echelon was created already in the early 1960s, initially to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet block during the cold war.

Edward Snowden realized that what the National Security Agency was doing was no longer called for by true security concerns, and it had grown beyond anything remotely reasonable, and clearly invaded constitutionally guaranteed personal privacy of everybody on Earth. But it took a Snowden and a mainstream media report from the UK to make people really see what was going on, and react.

All this is a sign of the workings of the Aquarian Paradigm, making sure that nothing remains secret any more, but is projected on to the screen of our consciousness.

One of the things that became clear from this, is the awesome power this espionage gives to those in charge of it. They can come to know practically everything about everybody, and can easily use it to blackmail, threaten or bribe people in power, to do their bid. They can target people in Congress, people in their own government and in foreign governments, in finance and industry, and anywhere they set their eyes on our shrinking planet. The world has never seen an opportunity for abuse of power like this.

From the frenzied reaction by Obama and his administration, one would conclude that Snowden is in possession of even more damning information, that has not yet been released to the public.

Once it became known that Snowden intended to ask for asylum in another country to escape US “justice”, President Obama ordered his vice-president to pressure the governments of nations from which Edward Snowden requested protection, among them Russia and El Ecuador, to refuse him asylum. Such behavior by a world leader is in violation of long established and generally accepted principles of international law and human rights. Besides, Obama´s posture no longer conforms to even the simplest logic and reason. First he deprived Snowden of his American citizenship without any legal procedure, let alone a sentence. And then he asks other nations to refuse him asylum and extradite him without a legal cause.

Snowden himself pointed out that the United States for decades has supported political dissidents in other countries, and defended their human right to seek asylum. “But this right, laid out and voted for by the US in article 14 of the universal declaration of human rights, is now being denied by the current government of my country”, he said.

The sudden cancellation, for never specified “technical reasons”, of Bolivian President Evo Morales´s permission to overfly France, Spain and Portugal on his way back to Bolivia from Belarus, is another unprecedented breach of the most elementary age-old rules in international relations. This shows how the US is now able to control its European allies and make them violate established principles of international law at the touch of a button. Actually, this kind of intervention could rightfully be considered an act of war against Bolivia.

The reason for this was false intelligence, or perhaps just a simple suspicion on the part of the US, that Edward Snowden could be in the plane with Morales, and on this flimsy ground the governments of four countries thought nothing of endangering the flight of the Bolivian president in order to force the plane down and intercept Snowden inside the official plane of a legitimate head of state. That plane is obviously Bolivian territory wherever it is, just as embassies are, and it should be inviolable to all other countries. Besides, the Head of State of a sovereign nation is in his full right to grant asylum to a stateless person, and then also entitled to invite him into his plane, should he so choose. Well, as we know, Snowden was not on board the Bolivian plane.

Furthermore, it makes absolutely no sense that the US claim jurisdiction over Snowden after they deprived him of his US citizenship and when he is far from US territory. And jurisdiction over the plane of a foreign head of state? Anywhere in the world? – The US may claim certain rights over their own citizens in accordance with the constitution and other legislation, and possibly also over non-citizens who are present on US soil, but definitely not over anyone else.

How glaringly preposterous this whole show really is, comes to full light through a comparison. Consider on the one hand Snowden´s “crime” and the hysterical chase all over the planet to catch and severely punish him. And then consider, on the other hand, the millions of dead, mutilated and bereaved people, among them a high percentage of children, that the many uncalled for wars of the US are leaving in their wakes, not to mention the destruction of entire countries, and the eternal legacy of the radioactive Depleted Uranium ammunition, causing cancers and horrible birth defects for generations to come, that has been imposed on these hapless countries with full knowledge of their effects. And the American soldiers are exposed to it too, by the way.

Those horrendous war crimes, surely the worst in the history of Humanity, are not being prosecuted, and much less punished. And then, without missing a beat, Obama has the guts to claim his right and duty to attack and bomb to smithereens a foreign country, killing tens of thousands of civilians including children, that he pretends to feel so strongly for, in order to change its government. The purported reason? That the Syrian government launched an attack of poison gas on its own people killing a thousand or so, right on clue as the UN commission arrived, invited by the government itself, to check if poison gas had been used. Makes sense? When numerous witnesses and indicators point to the so called “rebels” as perpetrators, the very same who have been funded and armed by the US themselves and NATO for several years already in order to destabilize the country and cause destruction while pretending to be victims of government terror.

Have you noticed how these people like to play the effective “child card”, ensuring that many of the victims are children, and then making the most of people´s emotional response to such atrocities. But when they openly kill thousands of innocent children with their drones, then it is just “collateral damage” and not worth mentioning.

And this is not over by a long shot, if we don´t do something radical to stop it. It may well soon be our own turn to get bombed and “taken out”.

On the international arena there have been many recent signs of people waking up and taking action to promote the Aquarian paradigm, though obviously they are not aware enough to understand the larger historical context and long term result of their actions. Apart from violent manifestations in Europe and Latin America, I am thinking of the protests against the Morsi government in Egypt, reportedly the most massive ones ever, anywhere, that culminated in Morsi´s arrest and removal from power. Reason? That he had not kept the promises that got him elected and that the people experienced that nothing was functional, people could not get work, and the government meddled in, and controlled everything. And that happened after only one year in power. Compare that to all Obama´s broken promises for “change to believe in” and his acceleration of Bush´s policies that he vowed to turn around. – And yet he was re-elected after a full 4-year term.

Incidentally, many Egyptians seem to blame Morsi´s hated rule for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood on Obama and the US.

Massive protests and manifestation have become the order of the day, and they are affecting many, if not most, countries. And that is a loud and clear signal that the Aquarian Paradigm is well and alive, and claiming its birthright to finally break through and create a new world of peace, cooperation, solidarity, health, happiness and abundance.

It´s like having to brave a violent storm rounding the Cape of Good Hope in order to reach calm waters and a clear sunny sky on the other side.

So, what will happen next? Well, it depends on us. Considering the formidable technological, financial and military power of our adversaries, the old-paradigm rulers, and their mercilessness and utter contempt for law, justice and human rights while hypocritically pretending to force freedom, democracy and human rights on the rest of the world, the change will not come by itself. Nor will it come through democratic elections, which are nothing but a thinly camouflaged scam anyway.

It´s up to all of us people of good intentions all over the world to make it happen within the present Aquarian wave, in other words within the next 5 years or so. If we do not rise up to the occasion and immediately take determined action, we will probably have to suffer a nuclear world war along with more engineered epidemics, more health-destroying vaccines, more intentional poisoning of our food and water leading to illness, starvation, and de facto slavery, which is what the present rulers are selling us.

So what can we do against such gigantic power? First of all we must remember the power of sheer numbers. If many enough of us join forces and refuse to cooperate with the System, refuse to obey its unlawful tyrannical orders or decrees, refuse to buy its toxic products, and instead build our own alternative structures, its house of cards will crumble. The System depends on us, on our work as producers, on our money as consumers, and on the cooperation of the people in its administration, military and police, to retain its power.

How are we going to achieve this? I hope there are many more good ideas out there, but my free ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM is a good start. Those who have not already read it, please order it from the CONTACT page of this website. Just type in your full name and email address and the words Action Plan in the contact form, and I will send it to you free of charge. And ask your friends to order it also.

Don´t delay. It´s already very late, if we are to avert all these mortal threats to our health, our freedom, our happiness, and our very lives. But better late than never, and it´s not yet too late! So spread the word and get on with it right away!

And please post your comments and ideas here or on Facebook and Twitter!

Until next time, be aware, take care, and love and laugh as much as you can!

Dr. Jens

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