Right now, our planet is experiencing a precipitous escalation of the stakes in the relentless fight between two opposite paradigms, or models of society.

But before I go into that compelling subject I wish to greet all my faithful friends and readers welcome back to my blog after a long break, due to travelling and several new projects, while still lacking someone to assist me in my work. One of those projects is a new website about keeping healthy, active and happy as we grow old. Without risking our lives with doctors and hospitals and poisonous pharmaceuticals. As you will recall, my most important professional experience has been as a professor of holistic medicine, and it´s the anti-aging health expertise born out of that experience that I will share with you on my new site. But do not expect it to materialize online till sometime towards the end of this year. I still have a lot of work to do before it´s ready to go.

In the meantime you are welcome to voice your principal health concerns and requests for topics to bring up.

The headline of this blogpost – The Best of Times Or the Worst of Times? – is paraphrasing a quote by TV and radio show host Alex Jones of, who boldly represents an unstoppable global force for freedom and awareness. Awareness of, and freedom from, the enslaving and multi-level lethal effects of the dark clouds that, since decades, we see amassing over Planet Earth. These clouds are man-made by the self-obsessed procreators of the so called New World Order to promote their perverse bid for complete and ruthless control over the planet and all its resources, including its entire human population, in order to satisfy their personal greed and addiction to power. Their plan is already much further advanced than most people could ever have imagined, so it´s high time to wake up and do something about it.

From a cosmic point of view, what we are seeing unfold before our eyes is the final chapter of a centuries long struggle between two different super-paradigms. On the one hand the old, self-perpetrating but now obsolete monarchic, autocratic and tyrannical paradigm with its vertical command line from the ruler down. That paradigm is based on conflicts, wars and competition for scarce material resources. I win – you lose. The contender in this struggle, on the other hand, is a new paradigm based on equality, cooperation, human solidarity, democracy, energy, information and abundance. We all win together.

As I clearly lay out in my landmark book PARADIGM PULSE – SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE – see – the new paradigm saw its first important expressions through the American Declaration of Independence and the French Revolution, and it has progressed ever since in ever more powerful decade-long waves, alternated by reactionary waves of roughly equal length but different strength, when the old establishment has tried to turn the clock back.

The last clearly outlined progressive Aquarian wave coincided with the 1990s, beginning in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall and the Soviet empire. Other highlights of this wave were the Internet, the “tech bubble”, the proliferation of mobile phones all over the planet, international cooperation, important new advances in space research, and the massive outgrowth of the “grassroots” phenomenon of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

After the sinister first decade of the 21st century, we are now again in a progressive Aquarian wave, marked by a global awakening to what is really going on behind the scenes.

During the long period of transition from one paradigm to the other, we have seen many unholy marriages between old-paradigm agendas and new-paradigm technology, as well as new-paradigm agendas trying to ride old-paradigm structures. This has made it quite difficult and very confusing for people who try to figure out the true contours of what is actually happening.

One central quality of the new Aquarian Paradigm is its insistence on transparency. It simply does not tolerate secrets or hypocrisy. We notice how everything is increasingly coming out into the open and becoming public knowledge, whether it´s government corruption or the amorous affairs of the rich and famous. But paradigm shifts don´t take sides. They just impose a principle and let it work. It´s like the weather. It serves everybody equally. That some people may be better equipped to protect themselves from its effects, is another thing.

The recent exposure by Edward Snowden of what the US National Security Agency (NSA) is doing, is a great example of this. On the one hand the US government uses NSA to make sure nobody can keep any secrets from them any more, and on the other hand they try to keep their own activities secret from the public. Now, if they thought they could get away with that, then they did not count with Edward Snowden, nor with the Aquarian paradigm!

Obviously, the present US government is as old-paradigm as it gets, but they are using all the new-paradigm technologies to try and consolidate and expand their power. It may seem ironic that it was precisely the founding fathers of the US, who introduced the ideas of the Aquarian Paradigm, and yet now their supposed successors are serving the opposite interests in the spirit of the 18th century British empire, but with vastly superior military and technical resources.

The NSA scandal has exposed an unconstitutional and illegal government operation whose scope and capacity defies the wildest imagination. As a result, the American population and the entire world has finally woken up to the present US government´s rampant, sinister and cynical abuse of power.

Even if many of us have known about NSA´s ubiquitous spy-op for a long time, it took an insider´s revelations to uncover the planetary scale of this ill-intentioned invasion of privacy and human decency, and make it get through to the broad unsuspecting public. Maybe the most ominous aspect of this is that the information gathered on everybody without exception is used to control, blackmail, bribe or threaten anyone who falls out of line. Especially people in Government and Congress. The contrived argument that it is required to fight terrorism has no foundation whatsoever in reality.

And to then listen to Obama´s unsurpassed hypocrisy as he refers to laws and justice and America´s proud tradition as the global guardian of freedom, democracy and decency, is just too much to stomach.

Is anybody surprised that the US has put all its diplomatic, financial and military weight behind its resolve to catch and destroy Snowden for having disclosed the truth about the massive crimes committed by the US government? They first contacted China, then Russia and Equador to bully them into refusing asylum and instead arresting and extraditing Snowden to the US for trial on charges for treason or espionage.

To their credit, neither Russia nor China or Equador have yielded to the threats of the US, and at the time of writing this, Snowden apparently remains free in the transit area of the Moscow airport without other options than to board a plane to whatever destination he chooses. And where he will not need a passport to enter, since his US passport has been cancelled. He clearly risks being arrested on arrival and sent to the US, if he does not choose his destination very carefully.

It´s well known that the US via its secret agents regularly abduct and kill people anywhere in the world without any diplomatic or legal clearing, nor any due process of law. Therefore Snowden may only be safe as long as the US does not find out where he is. And given their truly mind-blowing resources, it´s hard to imagine that he can keep hiding from them for very long.

If Snowden is captured by the US, he may be lucky if he gets the same inhuman treatment as Bradley Manning, the soldier who spilt the beans to Wikileaks a couple of years ago, arguably doing his duty in accordance with US law and an oath he had sworn. Manning has been treated worse than a mass murderer, kept in solitary confinement and subjected to cruel torture, which is illegal under international conventions signed by the US. But at least he is still alive, awaiting his trial, which could give him the death sentence for treason, or lifetime imprisonment. At this stage of events, it´s surprising that they even bother to give him a trial. Actually, I wouldn´t be at all surprised if one day they announce that he committed suicide in his cell.

And yet, in this Piscean end time of false flags and smoke and mirrors, where nothing is what it appears to be, who can say what REALLY lies behind the high-powered geopolitical power plays we are seeing unfold around us?

More so than most of the endless scandals erupting over the last couple of decades, the NSA scandal has unmasked the US federal government before the public, and revealed its totally unscrupulous behavior and agenda behind the smoke screens of hypocrisy and brazen lies.

I am sorry if I am offending any wishful supporters of the American Dream – which is increasingly turning into a nightmare – but I am not going to fall for the coward´s temptation to not call a spade a spade.

Now let it be absolutely clear that my harsh judgment only refers to those elements in government who greedily keep promoting different agendas to provoke wars, terrorize the population and commit crimes against humanity. It does not refer to the bulk of the American people whom I truly admire and love for their tremendous qualities and achievements, and from whom I have learnt so much. Besides, I still believe that the final Aquarian breakthrough may come from inside America. I can only hope that the American people will wake up, and with indignation become aware of what is being done by their leaders, and rise as one, to finally put a stop to it.

So what is the answer to the question in the title of this blogpost: Are we in the best of times, or the worst of times? – Well, it all depends on us! – If all of us rise to the occasion and utilize the power of the moment to tip the scales and turn the whole process around, then this is the best of times, because the opportunity and the technical resources are here, and we are in the middle of a progressive Aquarian wave right now that we can ride to turn the tide.

But if on the other hand we hesitate, roll over to power, or just wait and see, then we are living in the worst of times, because then we can expect a nuclear world war, intentionally caused epidemics, a horde of mandatory health-destroying vaccines, poisoned water and food, starvation, and de facto slavery.

Don´t miss my next blog, where I will develop this theme further and also suggest several ways to take action. As usual I will alert you by email when it´s out.

Take care and be aware!

Dr. Jens

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