EVERYBODY without exception NEEDS to read the following blog and see the fabulous and shocking film launched recently by the great US health warrior Dr. GARY NULL.

In the US and most other “western” countries, health care is controlled by government agencies. In theory, these agencies have been created in order to protect the people and ensure the safety and effectiveness of available drugs and treatments. However, since the pharmaceutical industry is by far the most profitable of all lawful businesses, and not necessarily the most law-abiding, the reality of the matter is quite different.

Big Pharma buys politicians and government authorities, scientific institutions and foundations, thanks to its enormous financial muscle, not only in the US but world wide. It funds – and controls – most so called scientific research, and it has an unholy influence on the government agencies that control the practice of medicine. In addition it spends billions of dollars on lobbying members of the US Congress to pass legislation proposed and written by Big Pharma´s own lawyers. And once it is law in the US, it is often copied by other countries where the US is seen as the model to follow.

Among the biggest money spinners in western medicine are cancer, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes. So legislation has been introduced to control the treatment of these illnesses. And it has been established exactly what treatments are allowed. Typically, these are all very expensive, and very profitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

These treatments are never designed to cure the illnesses they are prescribed for, only alleviate the symptoms, and most of them are meant to be taken for life. And also, again typically, they cause a number of “side effects” that will require treatment by other drugs, which again cause new side effects, and so on. Whether this is by design, or not, it´s a fact. It is not uncommon that a heart patient is taking a dozen different prescription drugs. As if that were not bad enough, several of the most commonly prescribed drugs have had to be recalled after directly causing tens of thousands of deaths.

Cancer is a chapter all by itself. Not only is it common that screening and diagnostic procedures actually cause cancer all by themselves, as does so called mammograms. They are often unreliable and produce false positives, which result in unnecessary surgery, chemo and radiation. And these, in turn, often result in the death of the patient, who cannot tolerate the destructive effect on the organism by the treatments. Besides, paradoxically – or diabolically – both radiation and chemotherapy actually cause or promote more cancer in the long run.

The medical establishment works heavily with intimidation and scare-mongering to keep people in line. It commonly tells patients that their particular form of cancer is exceptionally dangerous and fast progressing, and needs immediate and aggressive treatments if they will have any chance of surviving. This urgency and the false authority of the establishment and its “science” usually ensures that patients do not take the time to seek a second opinion. But the establishment also does a great independent hatchett job on alternative and natural therapies, that they call “unscientific” or outright “quackery”, and that they claim are dangerous for the patients.

Yet, official statistics show that over 100,000 people die every year in the US alone, from prescription drugs and standard hospital procedures. It stands to reason that official statistics do not capture all cases, so the situation is actually even worse.

Alternative and natural medicine practically never cause any harm, much less death, and – in spite of what the representatives of official authoritarian medicine tries to make you believe – it is far more effective at treating the actual cause of the illness than the drug & surgery model, and without side effects.

I hope you are in the mood now to watch the fabulous, massively researched and truly shocking film WAR ON YOUR HEALTH by the great crusader for true health and preventive medicine, Dr. Gary Null.

And do forward this information to everybody you care about. It may save many lives, and help many people live a healthier and happier life than they could under the not so tender “care” of Big Pharma.

Here is the link to Gary Null´s website, where you will find a button to see the whole film at the price of a tweet or a Facebook posting:

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