I promised you an analysis of the changes in our society that are being triggered by the Paradigm Shift. In this blogpost I dive right into it, after last blogpost´s introductory background that I hope was helpful.

We´re being told that Communism is a failed experiment, now belonging to the past. Some say the same about Capitalism. Actually, whether this is true or not, depends on what we mean by these two, supposedly opposite concepts.

Communism, as an idea, is a child of the incoming Aquarian Paradigm, but not in the totalitarian form it has taken so far, which is due to it being hijacked or polluted by the old paradigm. This is a transitional phenomenon between the two paradigms.

Capitalism is more rooted in “the old paradigm”. But that does not mean that capitalism is doomed to disappear. Capitalism in the sense of the need for capital as investment, either from savings or from newly created credit, will not go away, if we want to continue to develop, build, and prosper.

But at least two things will have to go away:

First, the obsession with eternal unlimited growth, which is not only unsustainable, but a physical and mathematical impossibility. This also means that the recent focus by most investors on speculative capital gains, akin to gambling, has to go away. Instead we have to go back to focusing on real realistic returns from productive innovation, labor and capital.

Second, the greedy accumulation of all capital on just a few hands of bankers and monopolists, leaving ordinary people outside the loop.

On the one hand there is room for overall economic growth to the extent that the population grows while maintaining its average productive power per person. On the other hand there is also room for economic growth without a growing population, to the extent that technology and capacity improve through innovation, allowing ever more productivity per average man-hour.

However, it´s important to underline that such growing productivity must increasingly be expressed through more and better services, with more time for life-long learning, spiritual pursuits and leisure, not through ever more material goods and gadgets, that we never get time to use, and that deplete material resources and pile up as mountains of hazardous waste.

Capitalism under the new paradigm will not be practised only by the big corporations and banks via their billionaire shareholders, as is the tendency now. A healthy economy is based principally on a multitude of small and medium sized companies, and self-employed individual entrepreneurs. This was the foundation of the so called “American Dream” – now fast receding into the mists of memory – a dream that stirred the spirit of initiative, creativity, and a life of personal independence in people around the world. That is essentially another Aquarian concept that serves society as a whole, not just the individuals who practice it and who are often envied by less enterprising people.

The recent concentration of old paradigm capitalism has led to more and more people living in abject poverty lacking the barest necessities, while a small elite for their private pleasure endlessly gobble up and control far more resources than they know what to do with, and more than they can even keep track of. Which means they also accumulate power, since material resources equal power in our old paradigm society. But this does not have to be a part of capitalism.

Cooperatives are the most typical form of Aquarian Paradigm capitalism, and they are really not that different from limited companies, where the shares are distributed among many small shareholders, none of whom has enough votes to exert a dominating influence over the company and its policies. It means that ownership is distributed more or less equitably among many people. This “democratizing” of capitalism has been taking place to a considerable extent over the last century, and especially over the last several decades. It´s a typically Aquarian phenomenon and has taken the form of investing insurance premiums, savings for retirement etc. in the stock market, rather than in a savings accounts in the bank.

Typically of the transition times we are living in, this last mentioned trend happened in tandem with the deregulation of the banking and insurance businesses. In other words an unholy union between the Aquarian democratization of capital, and the financial hegemony of the old paradigm. This deregulatory manoeuvre opened the playing field for massive fraud against the small new “capitalists” on the one hand, and on the other hand set off the gigantic financial bubble known as “the Global Casino”.

This swindle of unimaginable proportions is what triggered the global financial crises beginning in 2006. It has yet to run its deftly manipulated course through to the the final collapse of the entire system. And while most of the western world is now suffering from the result of this swindle, the “banksters” who propagated it have all personally made billions in personal profits. In the meantime, corrupt and incompetent governments continue to “bail out” the gambling losses of the banks with money levied from already loss-ridden low and middle income taxpayers. Or simply with non-existing money they print new or create out of thin air, resulting in inflation with major price hikes on the horizon, combined with unemployment and lower spending capacity. A fail-safe recipe for a depression.

Quite a few observers and analysts are of the opinion that the “banksters” intentionally orchestrated this whole crisis scenario in order to force the various nations to finally accept their “salvation package” consisting in total takeover of power by a world government run by them and with a global military monopoly at their disposal to enforce their policies. In other words, “The New World Order” complete and ready to tickle you pink where you least enjoy it. Or George Orwell´s 1984 in an updated version about 30 years delayed.

I know: This New World Order scenario looks rather improbable, as long as neither China nor Russia play along, Yet, the insanity – and technology – of the present leaders of the Western world is such that they are capable of provoking a nuclear war, plus earthquakes and tsunamis, in order to advance their agenda. They know that they have far superior striking power, of which important features have been kept secret from the world, though partially leaked.

Now here is another important aspect of the Aquarian Paradigm we should never forget: That of transparency. It´s increasingly impossible for the old-timers to hide what they are doing. Sooner rather than later, it all ends up on the Internet, and everybody finds out – except mainstream media of course!

During the transition period between the two paradigms, we are seeing a lot of hybrid organizations and activities. That´s how trade unions turn into mafia-run political and financial power centers, and how the profits of cooperatives are hijacked by their executives, cheating the common members of their share.

Fair and balanced capitalism at least allows social mobility and gives opportunities to the have-nots to become haves through hard honest work. Obviously, not everyone can become a millionaire, but everyone can earn enough to live a comfortable dignified life with access to education, healthy food, true natural healthcare, vacations, leisure, and a home of their own, that no government or bank can take from them.

This picture may fall a little short of the legendary “American Dream” I mentioned earlier, but it qualifies as a realistic aspiration for every human being on Earth, if only the available resources were distributed with a semblance of solidarity, justice and compassion.

I am not saying that people should receive money or other support from governments or institutions without doing anything for it. That is not a good idea at all. What I am saying is that we should, on a global level, regardless of ethnic, religious or national divisions, invest in people, support people´s good will and productive efforts, instead of wasting the money on destructive wars and military equipment, that does not feed or clothe anyone, but instead kills people and destroys the fruit of previous human labor.

If you think, with “the globalists”, that our Earth is unable to aptly support even its present inhabitants, let alone a fast growing future population, think again! What is needed is education and innovative investment in organic agriculture to feed the starving masses both physically, mentally and emotionally, not eliminating them and genetically manipulating food that will poison us and cause far worse problems than they pretend to solve.

With proper education and a rising standard of living, the danger of overpopulation disappears by itself, as has already happened in Europe, America, and parts of Asia. Both Mother Earth and human ingenuity are capable of much, much more than the little selfish fear-shrunk brains of “the globalists” can ever imagine.

In my next blogpost I will discuss GLOBALIZATION from the Aquarian point of view.

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