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This week I will be short and to the point. Looking at the world today, I see TWO MAJOR THREATS to a happy and prosperous future for Humanity, even to our very survival. Two ticking time bombs that we must join to defuse without delay, if we want a future at all, let alone a livable and dignified one.

The first one of these is the NUCLEAR THREAT, which has already reached a point of no return with the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan. Japan is destroyed. Its export products are contaminated by radiation and will be rejected by other countries who care about their populations. Radiation will kill millions of Japanese over the next decade or so. But it may also kill millions across the entire Northern hemisphere, and perhaps the entire planet. Radiation cannot be contained. It recongnizes no borders. Neither by air, nor by sea, and once it´s released, it stays around for centuries if not millennia. To meddle with nuclear energy, not to mention letting it loose intentionally on Humanity through the use of nuclear weapons, is not only grotesquely irresponsible, it´s INSANE.

So what can we do about it? – Immediately stop using nuclear energy and weapons and concentrate on free, natural energies. There is lots of them, and they are not more expensive. On the contrary they are without risks and can never cause catastrophes like Chernobyl and Fukushima the consequences of which cannot even be measured in money. And there are ways to protect ourselves, at least to some considerable degree, from the lethal effects of radiation. Which may become the next big business to invest in….

The second threat is the GM THREAT, the threat of genetically manipulated plants and animals, which may be just as dangerous. Once released into Nature, it may unleash an uncontrollable cross-breading with natural plants that can change the face of our flora forever. Since independent research has proved that as a food it is indeed harmful to laboratory animals, causing a wide array of illness, early death and sterility, there is no knowing what its results can be for Humanity and all life on Earth over the long term. All such research has been suppressed by corrupt governments and media working in collusion with Monsanto and other producers of GM products. Scientists who dare do such research or “blow the whistle” are being dismissed from their jobs, and even risk being murdered.

This is not only a matter of Monsanto et al becoming monopoly owners of all Life, but it´s a matter of unrailing and endangering the very life processes that Nature has taken millions of years to develop and perfect. If meddling with nuclear energies that we don´t know how to control is insane, what can we say about mad scientists playing God to change the face of all life on Earth? All for personal profit and political control by a few. Remember the old Disney cartoon of Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer´s apprentice, who learnt to start a process but not how to stop it. With catastrophic consequences.

Typically, Obama during his election campaign promised to make labelling GM products mandatory as soon as he became president, so people at least may know what they are eating, but as with all his other election promises, he has done the exact opposite and, just like his predecessors, supported Monsanto all the way in blatant conflict with the will of the vast majority of the people.

Since our corrupt governments refuse to do the only sane thing, We the People have to spring into action and take back the power we delegated to our elected representatives, and that they have so outrageously abused. But I am not talking about violence.

What we have to do is remove all support for the offensive practices, and generally for the companies and people who are involved with them. Like not buying their products, not investing in their companies, boycotting their shops. And at the same time building alternative solutions, such as individual energy generation with free and clean energies in every home, and farming or supporting our own, locally produced, organic, biodynamic food. In this process, we need to be ready to break some absurd oppressive laws put in place by our abusers on behalf of the global corporations. We also need to join in some civil disobedience, letting our conscience and common sense take command of our fears.

If you haven´t done so already, please ask for my free ACTION PLAN FOR SHIFTING PARADIGM from the Contact page on this website. I think you will find it helpful. There is no selling, and there is no catch.

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My activities are expanding. I have mentioned that I intend to set up a Web-TV channel for videos and what could be called a video blog. And that hasn´t changed, but it has been postponed. I decided that I should give priority to catering for all my Spanish speaking friends in Spain and all over Latin America who do not understand English, and so I have worked on a new website in Spanish that I hope to launch a week or so from now. I am also offering an awareness-expanding program in Spanish at my house in Buenos Aires, which requires a certain input of time and energy. In addition, my long term plan includes a website to offer the same blog themes and services in Swedish.

I have therefore decided to relax the weekly schedule of my Paradigm Watch blog a little and publish new blogposts irregularly whenever the spirit moves me and I have the time. But I will, as usual, keep you posted of new blogposts through a brief email, if you are on my list.

I take this opportunity to thank you, my faithful readers, and especially all those of you who have taken the time and trouble to encourage me with positive comments and words of appreciation. For the near future I hope you will actively suggest themes you want me to cover or comment on in my blog.

In closing this blogpost I urge you to spread the word about what is happening in our beautiful world, and what we can do about it.

So, till next time – which will probably not be next week – stay alert, be well, become aware, and take action!


Dr. Jens

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